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+ted scharff TIL: You can edit facebook comments! You have to press the 'x' in the corner within a few seconds of posting, but that's the most common use case anyway.

Thank god for Android wifi tethering.

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wow, i never realized that my home county's seal was a picture of a murder!
Union County, NJ: We're more like South Park than you think.

My favorite quote: Some have said it’s [sic] depiction of a homicide is inappropriate for a symbol of government.

i wish it was easier to do set arithmetic with my circles. like, the set of (friends ∩ burners ∩ nlp folks) is small, but awesome.

Someone needs to figure out how to get mechanical turkers to migrate my FB profile and organize my circles. +Paul Heymann perhaps?

does g+ not allow for posting on other peoples' walls?!?! i guess i just have to tag them in the post instead?

I need to figure out a good friend/circle organizational scheme. I really don't feel like thinking about this.
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