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Shari Chopra
Mother to one. Wife to another. Friend to many.
Mother to one. Wife to another. Friend to many.


another day thankful that my husband and i both get along so well with each other's families. not everyone is so lucky!

haji yakub qureshi is irresponsible. 

i do not trust strangers to drive me but this problem did not start here. so many parts of daily life are unsafe for women, travel being a big one

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of course he is a politician so he may say this to impress, but it is a good sentiment still! 

sigh. being a mother knows no hour! now i will catch up on letters while i wait for Alice to fall back asleep...

thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes. it was wonderful to see some of you and wonderful to hear from all of you. Alice thanks you too! in a way it was as if she had another birthday party! now mommy is tired from her big day and is going to sleep! thank you again!

missing my sweet Jamal! Hurry home, my love!

Still concerned for the girl I saw being harassed in the street today. I guided her away, but I know this is not a problem that goes away so easily...

I have only been married a short while, but even I can tell you the secret to a happy marriage is forgiveness. I will not get into our argument today, but we are both lucky to have a partner who is so quick to forgive!

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