I'm thinking of setting up Sessions like a long Contest with the Face of a Problem trying to worsen a Setting Problem/Issue and PC's opposing them; or vice-versa, with the PC's trying to solve a Setting Problem and Face opposing.

Every time the Face or her agents Confront the PC's, the overall outcome of the scene is like a Victory in a Session Contest. The Victory creates a Story Aspect composed by the side that "won" the scene.  

Transition Scenes cover PC's considering the last Confrontation and/or preparing for the next one. These serve as the Create Advantage roll in a Contest, but failures here don't stop actions in the next Confrontation. For pacing, I might keep it at one short scene per PC trying to Create Advantage or Overcome.

When the Face or PC's get three Victory (win three Confrontations), it triggers the Session Climax.

Some of the Aspects of the Climax Conflict scene depend on the Victories that led to it, but will be pitched toward whoever won the 3 Victories. The loser's Victories are still Story Aspects, so can't be contradicted.

Example: Three Face Victory Aspects vs the PCs two victories could mean one strong Climax Scene Aspect for the Face's side, like  Heroes caught Asleep and Unprepared!

A shut out of Three vs zero Victories could mean THREE Face-favoring Scene Aspects in the Climax. Heroes caught Asleep and Unprepared!, Heroes wanted for Treason, The Fighter just found his Thief wife in the Wizard's Bed!

What do ya think?
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