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Quick Review: Attitude City
[Disclaimer: This album is NSFW, and as such, this review might be slightly NSFW as well.] Released on July 17, 2015,  Attitude City  is the third album from the band Ninja Sex Party. The band, made up of the fictional characters Danny Sexbang (Daniel Avida...

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Video Game Review: Splatoon
[So, I've decided to expand my blog a bit and talk about stuff that isn't just music. Hey, the blog's called Sean's (Mostly) Music Notes, so I figure I should exercise that 'Mostly' a bit. Other than music, one of my biggest passions is video games, so this...

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Album Review: Adventure
Introduction Adventure is the first full-length album from French house artist Hugo Pierre Leclercq, better known by his stage name Madeon. The album was released on March 31, 2015 and was preceded by singles "Imperium", "You're On", "Pay No Mind", and "Hom...

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Album Review: Smoke + Mirrors
Introduction Smoke + Mirrors  is the second full-length album from Imagine Dragons, released on February 17, 2015. "I Bet My Life" was the album's lead single, with "Gold" and "Shots" also being released as singles. 1. Shots The first song on the album, "Sh...

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Quick Review: American Beauty/American Psycho
[What is this? This is an idea I just had: instead of taking the time to review every single track on an album I really wanted to review, I could do a "quick" review of a moderate-interest album. That means I won't review every track, but I'll go into a lit...

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Album Review: Sonic Highways
Introduction Sonic Highways is the eighth studio album by Foo Fighters. The recording process for the album is unique: the group visited eight different cities across the United States and wrote and recorded each song in a different city, with local legends...

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Hello Google+! I'd like to remind everyone that I have a SoundCloud right here:
Check it out. There's not much there now, but I'll be putting up some WIPs of stuff I'm working on soon.

So this is Google+. Interesting.
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