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Introducing Mrs Creighton...
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ISO 51200, 5.8 secs, f/5.6!

That can't be right can it?

Nice angle and the clouds are in the right place.

Any fill flash?
Yeah, that's certainly not correct! F5.6, 1/1250sec, ISO200, centre weighted metering, no fill flash. The cloud placement was spot on.
Yes that's sane :)

I wondered if you dropped a stop or so and used fill you would still get decent sky but the grass would be darker and the dress would separate slightly more.

Is this part of a wedding shoot?
Another thought - have you tried a monochrome treatment. Might suit the dress style (esp the headdress) and the green would not grab attention.
I used a vignette in post production. I literally had a minute to complete it a for slideshow prior to the speech. Yes, the wedding was at Whittlebury Hall, a lovely venue. I'll give the mono a try later on John, cheers for the heads up 😊
I'd persevere with this sort of shot. Low angle bride shot could be a signature image for you. I think it needs work; you need to choose the background carefully and consider the post processing optons but it's very striking and original.
Thanks John. I went for the low angle to emphasis her height (about 6 foot!) and to take advantage of the beautiful contrasting backdrop. As you mentioned black and white is the way forward to eliminate all forms of distraction and draw attention to the main subject.
I was asked earlier on whether I photo-shopped the clouds into the shot :-)
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