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‘Third Trimester’
A sneak preview of a photography project that I am finishing off for a client. This shot was taken on the 1D and the post production was completed on the iPhone.
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Nice bump shot - they've become quite popular lately haven't they?

Single light (window?) behind your head?
Thanks John! Indeed they are, mothers seem to be more proud of showing their bumps off these days.

Two lights were used against an infinity backdrop at my client’s home. So I had a large Elinchrom soft box to my right and a 580EX shooting through a white brolley to my left, both about 5 feet way from bump.

I wonder if you can trigger studio lights with an iPhone? Perhaps using the inbuilt flash?
Ah I saw the two refections and wondered if it was your head in between :)

It's good to see. I remember when pregnancy was treated more like an illness.

It would be good to see women celebrating their Caesar scars I think this is a barve and beautiful photo

You can probably trigger from your iPhone using this I'm not sure it's worth it though.
Hahaha my heads certainly big enough to do that!

What an excellent portrait and yes, the scare does add interest to the subject. When I did my shot for the charity calendar I posed on my scarred side (I always fell off the bike on my left hand side for some unknown reason!) to make it a talking point...not that anyone took any notice of them!

Dear Lord, that is steep isn't it! I'll find of a cheaper alternative!
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