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Joshua Island
Kept My Film Career a secerit when I was little
Kept My Film Career a secerit when I was little


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Getting my voice ready for broadc

Hey Vergina! If you can here me you want to know why I hang around everyone ells besides you? BOOOOMMMM!!!!!

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Really hate when people say your lying when your really working on it. The Legos can do their own thing while I write my sci fi franchise about my sisĀ 

The movie director loves everyone in my circles friends following and public!!

Writing my first science fiction screenplay adaptation based off a comic book. Only takes sis weeks then the movie director will get going on the big sci fi super hero franchise that gave me a headache while working on it about my sis after that:)

Raped up my sci fi novel franchise for the day bout my sis:) Continue on some more tomorrow:)

Okay, okay. Warped up my "dangerous" sci fi story bout my sis for the day and work on more Monday:)

Off to watch a science - fiction movie while the movie director come up with new ideals for my scy-fi novel;)

reviewing my science fiction novel bout my sis the movie director is gonna type out in may through out the summer call it a day and start on it Monday;)
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