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Elana Kilkenny
Helping You To Reconnect With Your Own Innate Magic
Helping You To Reconnect With Your Own Innate Magic

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In my fifteen years of working with my beloved Intuitive Counseling and Sacred Space Design clients, I have noticed a common theme that many of us struggle with and that is a feeling of disconnection.

So I created a video with Happiness Series with that challenge in mind. Watch the video below to hear about two powerfully beneficial and transformative practices to help you feel more connected to yourself and to others. We made this video a few years ago and I can't tell you how often I've received feedback on how much this has helped people, so I'm sharing it again with the intention to inspire you in the direction of what your heart desires.

As we know just watching something might bring us clarity but it is when we integrate what we learn into practice that our life changes in the direction of what we desire. So after watching this video, put one or both of these practices into action and notice the shift in the way that you are feeling and relating. 

Back to you...

I would love to hear your own experiences integrating one or both of these antidote-to-disconnection exercises into your life, so please leave a comment below. Your comment might just be the very thing that someone else needs to read.


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Are you procrastinating or is your intuition trying to tell you something?

Read my latest piece (link below) to gain some insight on whether this is the time to act or not.


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It was my deep pleasure and honor to be interviewed about my Sacred Space Design work on the always-inspiring radio show "Above and Beyond with Laura Smith" on 77 WABC Radio. Watch the video below of this interview and get inspired to see your home through new eyes and create a haven of sacred beauty!

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There are times that call for boldness. They are often the times when we are not feeling particularly bold. Inspiration has come, there is Shakti around it but you are bogged down with the flurry of details you think you need to figure out first.

Sometimes you need to take bold action FIRST and the details will follow.

You are in the midst of a personal storm, you are getting blinded by the wind and hail. Your internal intuitive GPS tells you to veer straight into the velocity of the storm and harness that energy in the direction of your dreams instead of listening to your fear that tells you to run like hell for shelter.

Sometimes you need to boldly step into the eye of the storm to allow its vitality to pull you to the other side where faith tells you that rainbows await you one day.
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If you're obsessing, distract yourself with gratitude.
Your inbox wants #Truthbombs. Get some:
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Follow me on Instagram to receive a treasure trove of inspiration, luminous photography, intuitive parenting wisdom, and holistic and Feng Shui resources. Click the link below and "Follow" to uplift your spirit!

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Decide who you want to be as the world will decide it for you if you don't. Decide who you want to be so that you wake up invigorated by desire and purpose. Decide who you want to be so that you stop blaming yourself for being who you don't want to be. Decide who want to be so that you can move forward...finally, move forward with the life you have been holding hostage in your brain dangling the keys and waiting to be released... (For more, read on  by clicking link below to my new Facebook page and scrolling down to my June 2nd post. For more inspiration, resources and whole-hearted support, follow my new Facebook page (link below) by pressing "Like" at the top of its page). Blessings and love to you, E

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One of my greatest joys in life is that I have the privilege of helping people to live their most joyful, engaged, love-filled and abundant life! Through my Intuitive Counseling and Feng Shui Design work,  you will receive guided wisdom, whole-hearted support and practical pro-active tools to help you navigate your life with more ease, clarity, happiness and empowerment! While I'm based in NYC, I am thrilled to be able to assist you wherever you are in the world through the connecting power of Skype. To schedule your uplifting session and for more information click on the link below. I look forward to our time together!
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Today a beloved and phenomenal woman rises to the songs of angels. Heaven is forevermore imbued with poetry. Maya Angelou, you have breathed fierce grace, dignity, profound wisdom and lovingly knocked so many of us back to our senses. While I didn't know you personally, I have countless times sat at your feet drinking in your sage words that have comforted me and emboldened me to rise. I know I am not alone in this fireside chat with you. You have taught so many caged birds how to fly, may you soar now on liberated wings that carry you into grace... And still she rises.

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Art is a wonderful way to add beauty, personality, and inspiration to your home. Click on the article below to receive wonderful Feng Shui tips on how to use art in your home as a way to uplift,  inspire and fuel your dreams! As art is accessible to all of us regardless of your budget, I have included some of my favorite resources for "Art For Every Budget" that I have used in my Feng Shui Design projects for beloved clients homes and businesses. Enjoy and share the beauty with anyone you feel would benefit!
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