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Weekend Getaway
After a week of craziness, between the snow days, preteen cabin fever and scrambling to catch up after the snow left, I'm a bit pooped! I stopped by our local library to get some new reading material since I knew I'd be going to bed early for a few days as ...

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Lifeproof is giving away cases! 

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Newest fixation
I am a person for whom a new interest takes over and sometimes turns into a short-term fixation or obsession. My OCD certainly plays a part in that, but I also think having the Internet at our fingertips (and being snowed in for days on end) allows for a gl...

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More Snow!
It would seem that Mother Nature thinks we here in the Portland area just LOVE snow and can't wait for more of it to come!! Frankly, she's right. At least in this household...we love the snow! Waking up to a gentle snow globe wonderland outside was so fun, ...

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Snow day fun
Yesterday and today our area was hit with snow and wind. Many of you from locations outside of the Northwestern part of the US might giggle at our reactions here, but we only get any snow on the ground about every 4 years. Most of us are not prepared for an...

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Cleaning Frenzy
Every so often, I get a wild hair to go through and clean, overhaul, re-organize and completely turn everything upside down in our living quarters.  Recently I had this happen, as the floor of our bedroom had become insanely crowded, to the point that there...

Any fans of the Diana camera out there? Going to treat myself to one next month, and I'm excited to play with a fully manual, film camera again!

Just came across a quote that essentially said if we're constantly striving to improve, if we're chasing that "perfect shot", then we're on the right path.

This makes me treasure the anxiety I feel before a shoot. I don't know if that will ever go away, but I know it helps me hone in on my vision each shoot, and I hope I never lose that.

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