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The 'war for talent' is back on…make the difference with a happy recruiter
thing is obvious from the numerous blogs on recruitment trends for 2018: the
‘war for talent’ is back on. With unemployment rates at a historical low, it becomes
increasingly difficult to attract the right people to fill the numerous
vacancies. Employer...
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From a fixed to a flexible workforce…are we there yet?
remember when I joined Agfa in 2001, people told me that finally I had chosen a
company that would offer me guaranteed employment until my retirement. Needless
to say, that, at the age of 29, the prospect of spending 30 years in the same
company freaked m...
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Is it ok to contact you directly on your work e-mail?
Last week, I received an e-mail
from a target candidate. He was so offended by the fact  that I had contacted
him on his work e-mail that he took the time to share his feelings with me…in
very clear words… I can fully understand that someone
does not like t...
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What recruitment technology reveals about your personality…
Digitalization is rapidly changing
the recruitment industry. An increasingly larger part of the selection process
in done online. From video-pitching to on-line games for skill assessment, the
recruitment tech market is booming business. The advantages are ...
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3 tips to create a candidate experience beyond the buzzwords
Candidate experience must be the trending
word of 2016 and 2017 in recruitment. Thousands of articles have been written
about the importance of treating the candidate as a customer as the key to
success. And the consequences of delivering a bad experience a...
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Did we forget that there is a human being behind the cv?
A few weeks ago, I posted a job ad
on LinkedIn. To my surprise, I received over 200 applications. Flooded mailbox
of course and back-to-back interviews of some really great candidates but let’s
face, the majority of the candidates ended up in the ‘not the r...
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3 simple ways to get your cv tossed into the reject pile
Writing a cv is difficult for most people. After all, it should not only
provide the recruiter with a great first impression, it should also be adjusted
to the position that you are applying for and above all it should make sure
that your resume ends up on ...
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7 tips to successfully negotiate a job offer
Last week, one of my clients
decided not to put out a job offer to their preferred candidate because he lied
about his current package. To them, it was a breach of trust that could not be
repaired. Needless to say that this left all concerned parties frustr...
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The invisible age barrier: when am I too old to change jobs?
With rain pouring down, summer has
really ended so time to start blogging again. Today is a special day, today is the
day that I turn 45. I strongly believe in the cliché that “40 is the new 30” combined
with “you are only as old as you feel” …. but still, ...
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5 good reasons for exploring new job opportunities
of the first questions I ask potential candidates is the reason why they are
willing to talk to me. Some
people tell me that they engage in every conversation with a head-hunter
because they want to explore the market and to see what is available. As mu...
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