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Is there a way back after saying ‘no’ to a job offer?
Deciding whether to accept a job
offer is a tough decision and a very personal one. Many factors come into play:
the compensation package, any possible relocation, the fear of the unknown… In
the end, you take a well-informed decision whether to accept or r...

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Company culture...the proof of the pudding is in the eating
Those who read my blogs on a regular basis know that I have a
sweet spot for company culture and
the fit a candidate should have with that culture. But how do you build a
company culture and how do you ensure that it becomes the DNA of your organisation? Co...

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Mind the gap…and use it to your advantage in your job search
happens so once you hit a certain age, you are likely to have a gap or a
side-step in your cv. This gap has the very bad habit of sticking to you
throughout your career. It
had happened to the candidate I interviewed yesterday. His response was picture...

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Make sure that the moon you are shooting for is your own…
week I attended a networking conference from Mizbiz on entrepreneurship. The
last speaker was Jamie Anderson, a former professor at London Business School
and r ecognized as one of the world’s top 25
management thinkers by the journal Business Strate...

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With the blink of an eye…. spend your six seconds well
I get a lot of questions from friends to review their cv. I always feel
a little embarrassed when I tell them that I don’t actually fully read and
analyse a resume. I tend to scan it for key words that will tell me whether I
might have a matching vacancy or...

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"Do what you love”: the mantra for happiness or the worst career advice ever?
We all know the quote from
Confucius: ‘do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life’.
It has become a mantra in career guidance. Although I am a big fan of career
counselling, the thought that the key to having a great career is to id...

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Be you…the dilemma of authenticity in acing a job interview
‘Be you, everyone else is already
taken’, the well know quote by Oscar Wilde must be one of the most cliché ways
of starting a blog on authenticity. Nevertheless, when it comes down to
interviewing for a job, it is the only advice I give to candidates. Bein...

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New ways of working: Is flexible working the key to attract top talent?
Today is one of the
days I work in a co-working space in Antwerp. When I look around, there can be
no other subject for my blog than the rising trend of flexible working. Surrounded
by digital start-ups with millennials who believe that their app will chang...

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New ways of working: is workplace wellness the trick to attract talent?
I had a prospect client last week
who referred to a competitor who had installed an office gym to attract talent.
I had flashbacks of my PricewaterhouseCoopers time in the late nineties where
the new office featured not only a bar and a shopping service but...

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No guts, no risk taking a key to success?
I had a surprising feedback call
with an HR director. He had decided not to withhold a candidate due to the fact
that he did not believe he would have the ability to take risks. Of all the
reasons why a client may decide not to continue a selection process ...
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