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Oh Hi! Haven't been on here in a while, is this thing still on?

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Awesome post! Big thanks to +Bill Slawski, +David Harry, +Terry Van Horne and +Hamlet Batista!!! 
We are so grateful and honored to have +Bill Slawski, +Terry Van Horne, +David Harry and +Hamlet Batista share their #eCoomerce #SEO best practices with us...

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We are thrilled to introduce a brand new #SEO  product, ethically cultivated and naturally farmed to offer a fresher, greener approach to digital marketing. It’s time to discover an SEO Service that you can enjoy with a clear conscience; with no nasty additives, no artificial colorings and absolutely no harmful emissions – guaranteed.

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Google Maps: Removed Old Version of Maps... Forever...
My furniture shop friend just called to ask me why he could no longer plan a single journey with more than nine destinations... I found the answer on Google and saved him the 1 hour increase in planning time...

Problem: apparently the new maps interface is quite slack for people who as above, plan more than nine locations in a single journey. The old maps lets you add more than 20 and Google has announced it is now gone

"After the update you will no longer be able to switch back to or access classic Maps."

Solution: click this link and you are back to the old version of maps >

#googlemaps #oldversion #solution  
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Check out my post on +SEMrush you guys! 

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SEO Techniques For Blog Post Optimization (Infographic)

"What good is content if no one is going to read it? Before you hit publish on your next blog post, make sure you’ve implemented these SEO techniques to optimize your post and make it visible to search engines, and thus, your readers!"

See the clear and complete image here:

Graphic courtesy of: +TopHatRank

#blogging   #seotips   #seo   #infographic  

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I got a chance to interview the awesome +Alan Bleiweiss, we talked about #SEO  stuff, #EpicDinner  and the top 3 most common SEO issues he encounters during his #SEOAudits   =)...... 

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Illustrated Guide to Advanced On-Page Topic Targeting for SEO

From the archives - although still fairly new. Still the best, and only, infographic I ever made.

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#NativeAdvertising is all about judging a book by its cover and the cover better be tempting! 

Check out our new post.....

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Your Complete Guide to (Winning) The Knowledge Graph a new post on +TopHatRank by +Sarah Reed 
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