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Colleen Chen
writer, bodyworker, aspiring Minnesotan
writer, bodyworker, aspiring Minnesotan


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Stay tuned...
I'm transitioning to WordPress.

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Eulogy for co-creation
RIP RIP My former novel critique partner Karen and I created Hot Pink Books last year as an experimental imprint based on an idea she had to write choose-your-own-erotic-adventure novellas. We each wrote a few novellas, and Karen designed the website, some ...

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Interview with Valentine Lahey, winner of the "Draw Minimus" Contest
Here it is, from Valentine Lahey, the winner of Montag Press' "Draw Minimus" Contest! Me :  One of the reasons why I like your drawing is
that it represents a penis without being
pornographic. Did you do that on purpose?  Valentine : Yeah, I think so. There...

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Review of The Red Light Princess
The Red Light Princess takes place in the No Go Zone, a high-density ghetto that has sprung up in the
ruins of the old world that lie outside the separation barriers of
civilization. The story begins with the narrator, Kai, being chased across
the slums of ...

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IWSG and Review of 2015
This is my monthly post for the  Insecure Writer's Support Group . Happy New Year! I'm still insecure enough about blogging that I am not doing it regularly! I thought I'd combine my IWSG post with my customary year-end summary, as this past year has had a ...

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Nonviolent self-communication as I insecurely write
This is my monthly post for the  Insecure Writer's Support Group . I vaguely recall, but am mostly repressing thoughts of, several recent posts in which I said I was going to do this or that. I haven't done any of it at all. I quit Nanowrimo 20K words in. H...

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Draw Minimus contest!
The publisher of my novel, Dysmorphic Kingdom , is holding a Black Friday contest on Facebook . Draw Minimus, the animated detached penis character, tag Montag Press and win!

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A bit of sunshine-shoving and Nanowrimo
This is my monthly post for the  Insecure Writer's Support Group . I'm insecure this month because I'm actually writing! It's the best sort of insecurity, trying to give up the internal editor and allow myself to make a shitload of mistakes. I signed up for...
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