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Merry Murphy Pet Sitters
9131 A Nolley Court, Charlotte, NC 28270, USA
(704) 246-4148


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She gets into a lot of trouble! Oh Finley!
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some of my true blue friends
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This old boy has been around! He calls himself "Metro"
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Good looking dog on a cozy looking bed! 
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watching the Queen's jump
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from "Lessons Learned in Life"..
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hahahaa, niice
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Merry Murphy Pet Sitters provides certified and trusted in home pet sitting for Charlotte, N.C.  We offer professional dog walking services in the Charlotte area for vacations, when working late, or during those unexpected times one needs to be away from home. No added surcharges while helping out on short notice. Our Charlotte, NC pet services are just a phone call away: 704-246-4148, or visit our website:

Regular Pet Sitting: $18.00 per visit

Dog walking: $16.00 for 20 min.

Dog Park Visit: $18.00 for 45 min.

Pet Taxi to groomer or vet: $25.00 one way

Discount Pkg. Rates for Mid-Day Visits or Dog Walks Monday through Friday:

5 mid-day outings per week: $65 total @ $13 per day 
4 mid-day outings per week: $56 total @ $14 per day
3 mid-day outings per week: $45 total @ $15 per day
Regular rate is $16.00 for a mid-day visit which is basically a 20 min. walk or exercise

Policy for Dog Park Walks

  • Your pets receives individual attention, and are not walked or transported with other pets in our care.
  • Copy of pet(s) vaccination records:  Rabies • Parvo-Distemper • Bordetella
  • Park walks are scheduled for weekdays due to business volume on weekends.
  • Walks or play in park visits are scheduled for one hour of  exercise.
  • Limit 3 dogs

Rates: $17.00 for up to two dogs for one hour of play at park which includes the 
round-trip transportation. For additional pet add $5.00 to fee. Discounted rates 
for ongoing service.

Visit our website to check out our pkg deals:

or e-mail

Occupation: Pet Sitter and Dog Walker in Charlotte,NC


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(704) 246-4148
9131 A Nolley Court, Charlotte, NC 28270, USA
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