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So simply because it was free, I decided to try my hand at Dark Souls. I'm fairly certain this is one of the worst, most frustrating games I've ever played. 6 hours of game play in and I'm nowhere. Literally have not been able to progress anywhere. This is so insanely imbalanced in difficulty I've completely given up. Serious waste of 6 hours.

I have to seriously question the sanity of some people. Lets play a little game. So the decision maker of a company comes to you and signs a contract - let's just say $1200 for funsies - to be their IT brain trust. You have to assume, at that point, the logical admission of knowing dick and shit about IT on the part of this company. Several months go by, little problems here and there. Then a major issue. You provide a solution, almost immediately. Let's say you've dealt with this before and a logical time frame on resolution is an hour and a half. Lets say they were doing something against recommended methods for awhile. Takes about a half hour to resolve and an hour to educate the client base. For a major problem I'd consider that a win. Now Mr. Decision Maker turns around and says "this solution is unacceptable, we've always done things this way and never had a problem. You don't know what you're doing. Fix the way we were already using it." DOES THIS MAKE ANY SENSE TO ANYONE ELSE!?. /rant

Ok, folks. Opinions on the current nextgen consoles and what to buy. GO!

Read in GameInformer today that there is going to a Last of Us film adaptation. As an unprecedented move, the production company that is slated to make the film engaged the original producers of the game to write the first two drafts of the screenplay to make sure things go right. Color me impressed by filmmakers. Why could they NOT have done this for every other video game movie ever?

So I picked up the Star Wars bundle from Steam while it was 66% off. Been playing specifically through the Dark Forces series of games that I loved as a kid. It's interesting to see the evolution of the first person shooter across all the games. All things considered, even the graphics from the first one were pretty impressive for its time, and not horribly bad now. Also, puzzles and level navigation are way harder than stuff today. I've had to reference a walkthrough 3 times for Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. It's been interesting.

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"Doesn't anybody know you can put anything on the teleprompter, Ron WILL read it!?" -Anchorman

"Have you turned it off and on again" is a stupid question, but lying about it is a stupid oversight.

I swear to god, the next problem I get into my line that's solved by a reboot is going to throw me into a spree killing. It takes 3 minutes!!!! JUST MOTHERFUCKING DO IT!!!!

That is all....

Why does almost every Ocean Lab song give me feels?! lol
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