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Speint about to rape them lol damn might as well buy the phone get it jailbroken then get a data 50 unlimted plan 
No other carrier offers a better deal than Sprint ...while they do force u to have unlimited text, data and mobile to other carrier gives u that for $80
How bout some black moon flex!...
Well in the UK it's already out..but yeah it will take a while before it comes to North America.
Mmmm..Ice Cream Sandwich :D
That article spells Apple fan boy written all over it...
K Grizz
whats good funkmaster flex i am always on the inflexwetrust i put that on my mutha i just wanted to share a t-shirt website with since i know you like t-shirts
I need need those tickets flex please !!!
What's going on flex forget about the I phone when's the next car show
Wat up flex ..always have you playin in the subaru sti..let me get a shot out on the radio
i got a Blackberry!! Theres no way around a $99+ monthlyUNLIMITED bill.. so just get the best outta what yhu got for 2012!!!!
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