Is 4.3 already out? 
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This is a a screen shot that you took?
Build .prop edit. You want android 20.0 give me 5 minutes
Yes. I thought it was supposed to be 4.2.2. 
Just curious. I bought the phone off Craigslist from a googler 2 weeks ago, but just noticed it today. 
There was a leaked 4.3 ROM out a while ago, it's possible the person you got it from flashed that leaked ROM.
+Jeff Williams if you're being sincere and not trolling, would you be so kind as to do a system dump and send it my way so I can make a flash able zip? 
+Chris Clark the leak was only for the s4. There aren't any 4.3 builds for the Nexus 4 yet. If he'll do a system dump I'll have a 4.3 rom up on xda within an hour or two. 
Also the date of the Kernel indicates that this is real android 4.3 
Jeff! This is the real deal!!! Upload the radio!!! :D
Take a screenshot of stock camera app, Jeff, then we'll see :o)
I'm not sure how to go about doing a system dump. Any info on how to do this would be appreciated (using a Mac). 
Jeff you're the fuckin man
+Jeff Williams this is how. If you're having any difficulties don't hesitate to ask. I'm working on getting ahold of some other, more recognized devs. We'll get you there bub
What are the odds that we get a leak from a random Craigslist transaction? 
+Axel Mériot they're not good, but I'll be able to tell you for sure once my hands are on that system dump
Here's a stupid question, should I wipe my data before I do a system dump? Sorry, but I'm a basic user and don't want to give away all my info.
If you don't have any issue with wiping it, it won't hurt anything. The only thing you'll need to do after wiping is go to developer settings and enable usb debugging 
First leaked 4.3 for our N4? Am I dreaming or is this the real deal?  

+Jeff Williams as somebody mentioned before: could you maybe check your camera app to see if there are any differences?
Go Jeff Go!!! Were all rootin' for ya lol
First time I'm excited from a Google+ post!
I can't wait to see how this plays out, & +1 for the camera screen shots. 
The camera screen doesn't matter at all! I have the 4.3 camera on my Nexus now. It's been available for weeks. 
I'll be interested to see how this pans out (if it's real). +Jeff Williams This came as an OTA?
+Jason Newman Oh. Sorry. When I opened the post it had the older comments hidden and I didn't notice. Now the other comments about Craigslist make more sense :D
+Jeff Williams how's it coming along? If you're having any issues, feel free to hit me up on hangouts. 
I'm grabbing some popcorn. Anyone want anything while I'm up?
Any good source for doing this on a Mac? I run:  ./adb then what? I tried "su" but it asks for a password??? I wiped my device so no device password. 
Does the bootloader need to be unolocked?
+Jason Newman Yup, but rules out a quick photshop edit from someone not down with installing apk's. (Jeff, sorry if we all come off as suspicious ***holes, but lots of misinformation and hoaxes  out there :o)

I want to believe!
+Jeff Williams no, your bootloader doesn't need to be unlocked. Once you've enabled usb debugging you will be able to run ADB commands. Is your mac recognizing your device when you plug it in? 
Just a quick way to check if this is 4.3 go to apps all and click contacts the version number should say 4.3 take a screen of that and we can be sure this is real.
To check do ./adb-devices to check
android file transfer shows the device, but when I rund adb devices it comes up blank, no serial #
What podcast were you listening to? :-P 
+Hamzah Malik nobody has time to fulfill your doubts. I don't think Jeff would be making himself learn how to do a system dump if he was lieing. 
Now, please guys, let's keep the comments to people who are able to assist Jeff. Anyone who wants to comment on how you don't believe him start another post. We have work to do here. 
rooting for Jeff to do this :D (it's so late here... )
+Jeff Williams have you installed the Nexus 4 drivers on your mac yet? I believe that could be your issue. If you've already installed the android sdk you should be able to install the drivers fairly straightforward and easily. 
Do they have a universal driver for Android for Macs, like they do for Windows? Maybe that's the issue. 
On windows the drivers will install themselves if you plug it in and let it sit long enough, not sure if the same applies for Mac.
I thought Mac didn't need those drivers.
This should be the Hot Topic of Google+
since terminal isn't quite the same as command prompt
+Ibrahim Önder we need a system dump of Jeff's nexus 4. With a system dump we can build a flash able rom for everyone. 
so people who want to help, anyone want to create a group chat on hangouts?
+Brandon Jiang it is a command prompt. No trouble there.

The missing piece is generally getting the command adb to even do anything at all. The fix is generally adding it to your $PATH. In this case I think he is in the platform-tools directory so he is just executing it directly with ./adb instead of from the $PATH. Should be fine.
Save the file on the desktop.
Extract the file and move the obtained folder to the root of your hard drive.
Rename the folder Android-SDK.
On the device you need to open terminal.
On the same enter “C:/Android-SDK /tools/android”.
The file manager will be displayed.
From there select “Available Packages -> Android Repository”.
Up next choose “Android SDK Platform-tools” and click on install selected button.
ADB is now there on your computer. In order to set it up you will have to add the “export PATH=${PATH}:/Android-SDK/tools:/platform-tools” line on the end of the ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile or ~/.bash_profile configuration files
If that file is not there you can anytime create it by choosing “~/.profile”.
I've never used a mac for anything with my Nexus, so I may be at a disadvantage here. But, it looks like +Ian Fijolek could be our saving grace. 
+Jeff Williams try restarting the phone in the bootloader (shut off phone, then power on while holding both volume keys at the same time). Then plug the phone into USB, it should automatically install the adb fastboot driver, which might be the one you need.
But like that other guy said, couldn't he look at the version number of the contacts app just to make sure previous owner didn't just edit the build.prop?

If that's the case dude did a good job editing the build number and kernel date also. 
Looks like public hangouts only really work via the Video Hangout and not the text chat. I'm at work so I can't jump on video/audio but I'm leaving soon if you need help walking through it.
+Ibrahim Önder at first I wasn't, so I asked for the system dump as proof. I seriously don't think anyone would be going through the trouble of doing the dump if they were trolling. With that system dump we can have it early, and start building other roms from it. 
#nexus4  is on freenode, but not sure if the OP is on IRC (or still here).
So here's my problem. I can transfer files via Android file transfer, but I cannot run any command from terminal. I've tried ./fastboot device, but it just waits for the devices to respond which doesn't happen. ANy thoughts? 
Why doesn't someone remotely connect to his computer and do this for him?!?
+Ian Fijolek I don't think he's disappeared on us. He has been working at it and responding on here sporadically. He's probably using the same pc to respond on here and pull the dump
If this was a windows pc I'd say it was due to the drivers, but with Mac I can only guess. So your able to push and pull files from your phone through your pc, but you're not able to get ADB to respond? 
+Jeff Williams go to your settings/about phone. Then click build number repeatedly until it says (you are now a developer) then go to developer options and enable usb debugging 
Looks like he can push pull through MTP but not ADB. Should verify the settings in the rom I suppose.

You could try powering the phone off. Once off hold Power and Volume Down. That should put you in fastboot mode. Then try
fastboot devices

I suggest this because fastboot doesn't require any settings on the phone to be enabled.
As for #nexus4 being full. It's relevant to the channel anyway and it's been dead all week. I'm in there 24/7.

Edit: Actually, I'm an Op, hah.
+Ibrahim Önder has Jeff joined the chat? I've got a short meeting at work. I'm going to continue to follow, and I'll help where I can. I have faith in you +Jeff Williams you've got a community supporting you right now. :-) 
I know it's insignificant, but nothing was wrong with #nexus4 more people in there means more help. 
Andy L.
How did you get 4.3 already!!!!!!!
Lol read through the comments 
+Jeff Williams where ya at buddy? My meeting has been slightly delayed. If you need to get away from this cluttered post you can invite me to a hangout, or join the channel that +Ibrahim Önder set up.
If it's not real it's a brilliant hoax and deserves applause.
Lol nah this dude seems legit... 
Or #nexus4 since it is one and one of my channels. ;)

I'm on both now.

OP, when you join let us know your handle on the channel so we can mute the chan and clear some of the noise out.
+Jeff Williams is the hot chick at the bar with the low-cut shirt and no wedding band on her finger. Ease off, guys. Let the dude breathe.
Google secretly hopes the guy types "Fastboot erase system" 
I cannot get terminal to communicate with the device. I 've gone through setting up all the sdk tools, but for what ever reason it will not read info from the phone. I've tried on two separate macs too. 
Google probably leaked the device intentionally. An army of free Beta testers and developers with some degree of knowledge about Android. Test and troubleshoot the build all at once.
+Jeff Williams Will you join the Channel that was posted? If we can get you into chat for a few minutes we can help you. This post is being crowded too hard to have a real time convo.
Restart the phone into fastboot mode it should show up in adb after that
Uninstall drivers and then restart your computer.. Then install..then restart and let it set it up..Adb should recognize it now.
yo this is crazy, get that dump posted :)
+Jeff Williams The links above are where I am. Just come in there. we can mute the everyone who isnt assisting, that way we are able to really walk you through it.
gonna join the chat to watch the fun :)
Someone please post the resulting xda thread containing a flashable rom of this build in here as soon as it's up!
I'm a mac guy if you need any help. There are no drivers for Mac, just need the SDK installed. 
wow, the op of the chat made it so i couldnt help...and ive been here from the start...
I dont know how to send pms on that damned channel... im getting a little frustrated
Saving this thread for the morning, though I just freak in sold my Nexus 4 last Friday. Gah. 
Theyre getting there... I could speed it up if whoever decided to mute everyone would check this thread and give me voice...
Tony N.
Sorry bad joke......
I reeeaaallllyyy hope this gets solved tonight..enjoying 4.3 by tomorrow would be awesome. :) +Jason Newman get it done!!
Jason Newman
We will have 4.3, im not sleeping until its done
If you need help with the dump let me know!!! Its not hard even if your using a MAC, please pm me +Jeff Williams I'll guide you thru the phone if u like!
If he is on OS X 10.8 there is a really bad error where fastboot and adb devices dont show up... 
KS Lee
just wondering if the TWRP backup failed because the "destination" wasn't mounted (under mount options in TWRP)?
even if he does the whole installation to the path and everything... 
+Alex Mendoza we will be back on the chat channel in about 40 minutes. Your help is more than welcome. We are having issues with it asking for a password when trying to do it 
For anyone not following on IRC, Jeff is away but having issues making a backup in recovery. Keeps getting prompted for a password. If anyone here has experience with an N4 and a Mac, they could use that help over on IRC. Links to the channel are in the thread above. Jeff is supposed to be back around 12:30 EST.
O.o just remembered... When he comes back. Ask him what carrier he's on... If he has T-Mobile... Ask him if the city he's in supports LTE. If so ask him to change his apn. =\ I really wanna know if they are enabling LTE . Would be awesome
I had the same problem with TWRP. Had to flash clockwork.
I'll wait for the IRC channel to be up and running then... The only reason its asking for the password would be if he's not the Admin of the computer... Or install virtual machine and pull the system dump that way
+Alfonso Rocha they can't enable LTE as the device is not certified for it.  The original was a goof.  Or that's how I understand it
Rob M
Loving the hype ! We are all excited ! 
I'm the guy who got the original GPe Device dumps. We had the exact same issue with the non-retail devices. It seems like a newer version of sdk/platform-tools is needed to do anything with Googler devices. If all you want is a /system dump:

Install Astro from Google Play
Copy the entire /system folder
Paste to the SDcard folder
transfer to your Mac.

The ROM devs will have to sort out the file permissions, but it's better than nothing.
someone get him a freaking copy of windows to install on him mac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! use parallels or boot camp 
Last time something like this happened with the Nexus S and 4.0, Google remotely wiped the phone. So watch out for that.
+Jeff Williams hundreds, maybe thousands of us are very grateful to you, please thank your wife for allowing you to stay up so late doing this
They just made a TWRP backup of the system and is currently trying to send it through a file sharing site.
Just thought you guys would like to know, we got it
We have the system. Still need baseband and radio. 
Lol, he ended up just needing to reboot after the wipe. Then twrp worked like a charm
To help you guys verify it look at built in apps version number it should be 4.3 and a bunch of other random numbers I recommend using the contacts app
Want to say thanks to Jeff Williams for taking the time (long time) to get this files to the community, and for the community for helping Jeff get the files from the phone. Looking forward to seeing what we have to play with  after all this.  
This is kinda for real Lol like a problem
Any word on the baseband and radio?
its real! baseband and radio should come in the morning
come on really? im not doubting him!! but what is the chances that one person got a update
Holy cow! Thats what i call a community. Great job everybody! So ecxited right now.
I want to thank all the people that helped and Jeff! (I'm gravufo on xda/irc) and it was a pleasure doing this for the community :)
+Freddie nux it's totally legit. The dude was a trooper to bear with us for hours to get it. He's a saint 
nice!!! unreal!! i would think they will start pushing updates?
No, they aren't announcing it until next week. He got it through some circumstances that are more rare than winning the lottery 
Lol! OK I understand. Yeah just read it on android forum! its crazy how the nexus4 community is tight nit! Gotta love it
._. I guess we're getting 5.0 next year
Lol! Way to leak internal corp network host name in the kernel version too! >.< 
Google will remote wipe this like they did last time this happened btw. I'm not sure if airplane mode is even a protection...
How many devices do you think they'll remote wipe with only a week until it's announced? Too many people have it now
yea, this thing went viral so fast on so many hosts. It was crazy seeing everyone posting their links.
Yea, it turned out to be an exciting night. 
Lol, I'm in bed, but keep getting notifications
As am I, I'm kinda waiting for gmillz to finish the deodexed zip
For those concerned with remote wipes, just nandroid ;) I feel like I'm stating the obvious, but hey. In any case, this is awesome news and I'll be flashing very shortly. Cheers!
It was real! Big up OP for clearing his schedule and serving the greater good. Imagine if he'd said "nah, don't wanna root my phone". Wonder if the Googler who sold Jeff his Nexus 4 on craigslist did all this on purpose hoping it would leak, as a PR ploy, or just did it to sit back and watch the pot stir.
+Jason Newman you and the rest of the dedicated, talented people who worked on this overnight deserve a round of applause. You guys are troopers. Kudos to all who had a hand in this. Big thanks to +Jeff Williams as well of course ~ great find dude.
Nice. This is the first thing I'm looking at this morning. Glad I checked back. Way to go OP. 
I'm hoping the big updates when 4.3 comes out will happen in play services, nothing interesting seen in the 4.3 leaks...
+Ibrahim Önder "Jeff Williams 01:42 - Just curious. I bought the phone off Craigslist from a googler 2 weeks ago, but just noticed it today. "
If he sold a phone with 4.3 on it. He obviously doesn't care about Google's rules about not disclosing where he works. :-) 
+Ibrahim Önder Because I looked him up on Google + to make sure I wasn't going to get jacked when buying the phone, plus he told me he worked for Google when I picked up the phone.
Yep it worked. You are famous. Android blogs are mentioning this post. 
It's amazing seeing how the community was able to work together to get this done in such a short amount of time and for it to go viral!
Great job everyone!

Now if only the rest of Google+ could get along like this...
Lol passed out with the chat thing on... Whoops
Thanks again +Jeff Williams just browse through the links, and g+ communities, and the xda threads, you'll see how happy these users are with what you did.

Hope your wife would understand this and be happy too, and perhaps cook you a nice dinner on behalf of all of us :P

Great work again! Saw this post when there were only 3 ppl posted, and boy the adrenaline rush kicked in straight away, all the way till we managed to extract the system img!

My take here
I'm hoping this radio brings back LTE... 
Alright ppl phase 2! Extract radio and boot! 
OK people, who here knows how to get the radio?
He needs to dump it for us via dd or cat
Yup, create a dump (dd) from the corresponding partition via ADB (that's all I know, I have no idea how to do this. Sorry I am of no further help).
thanks Jeff :)
make sure you type su before that cmd
and then approve the su in android
If you have something like terminal emulator installed (, this is what you have to type in to get all the images necessary for the radio and bootloader: 

dd if=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/modem of=/sdcard/modem.img
dd if=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/aboot of=/sdcard/aboot.img
dd if=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/rpm of=/sdcard/rpm.img
dd if=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/sbl2 of=/sdcard/sbl2.img
dd if=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/sbl3 of=/sdcard/sbl3.img
dd if=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/tz of=/sdcard/tz.img

Then get the files off your device somehow.
Alfonso R
^ serious shyt when efrant shows up 
+Jeff Williams I would like to buy you and your wife a beer after all this is set and done, let me know your PayPal email and I'll sent you a donation. 
Jeff I'm putting you in my "lucky-ass man" circle. In all seriousness, you are the man for investigating and dumping for the rest of the world.
hey +efrant xda do one of these partitions include the bootloader? they might have updated guess is that it's sbl2 or sbl3
Awesome, the rest of the android community will have a week head start to port this to other devices! Looking forward to 4.3 on my S3
Downloading now.. Can't wait!! Thank you all who made this possible. I love android and the people who are just as crazy about it as I am.. Haha.
Jeff I'm putting you in my "lucky-ass man" circle. In all seriousness, you are the man for investigating and dumping for the rest of the world.
Thank you from France Jeff :) very good job !
Way to go dude. Great work
Marc N
This was easily the best post thread to ever grace G+
+Jeff Williams what's up man? Hope we didn't leave you too tired today. Thank you for staying in it for the long haul. Have you started trying to get the bootloader and radio yet?
Lol think he's passed out... Well deserved rest 
+Jason Newman I haven't had time fully try. I'm at the jobby job. I quickly tried the emulator, but it came back "no such directory"
+Jeff Williams no biggie. We can get it. I'm certain that we can get this part done much quicker than last night... Lol. When do you think you'll be off and have a little time?
+Jeff Williams Sorry, that was my mistake. There was a typo in my post. I've edited now, and it is now correct.
+Edwin Rivera The commands I posted will dump the radio image and the 5 bootloader-related images to /sdcard. Then he just has to pull the images off his devices and upload.
+efrant xda hopefully he sees that you updated the commands. He may be able to do it while at work if it's a quick process. One if us will need to give him somewhere to send it. I doubt he has an account on any hosting sites.
su (enter)
dd if=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/modem of=/sdcard/modem.img (enter)

says permission denied
+Jeff Williams when you type su, does your prompt change from $ to #?
Been reading bits and pieces since yesterday (the whole thread lol) and this was awesome team work! One more THANK YOU post  to +Jeff Williams for his willingness to work with +Jason Newman  +Ibrahim Önder +efrant xda +mikey rodriguez  and the rest of the guys that chimed in helping him out so that the rest of us N4 owners can enjoy 4.3  +Marco Ramirez  for offering to buy Jeff and his wife a beer. (don't forget that paypal account Jeff ;-)  )

Keep up the fantabulous work. 
+efrant xda I'm about to be getting ready for work. Are you going to post the radio and bootloader to XDA once Jeff is able to pull them?
+Jason Newman Absolutely. If Jeff can dump the images and get them to me, I'll package them up in flashable format and post them.
Sweet, it sucks having to go to work without this being done. Last night was really exciting.

+Jeff Williams seriously, I can't thank you enough. You should open up a PayPal account. I'd like to buy you and your wife dinner.
+Jason Newman +Jeff Williams I agree. A lot of effort on Jeff's part to help out the community, and with no thought of reward. PayPal donate link please. :)
+Jeff Williams Yes, try that one first. Flash it in recovery, then boot normally, and open the terminal emulator and type su and then press enter (and it should prompt you for superuser access - allow). If your prompt changes to #, then you have root. If not, try flashing the zip I linked to.
Did you guys got radio zip also ? So that we can start working on that ? 
Alfonso my bad i over read the post about extracting radio ....  lets get to work :) 
The build is running very smooth, and they finally calibrated the screen like its supposed to be
+Jeff Williams Use that one and do a Fix permissions in recovery immediately after flashing, that's what XDA recommended. Worked for me, not sure if the permissions fix is completely necessary.
Thanks +Jeff Williams, added you to a lucker circle, you're awesome for sharing this with the nexus community and staying up late for it :-)
+Jeff Williams thank you so much man. I look forward to interacting with you more around the community. Once I'm off work you'll be receiving a donation from me. 
Cason B
May i ask whats them other .img files?
It's all part of it. Wait for the zip. I'm hoping I can get this done before I start my shift. If not +efrant xda will get it posted
Cason B
Oh so all those files gonna be in one zip?
Not all I think, there's the radio and the bootloader, I believe those are supposed to be in separate zips
You'll be getting that beer from me good buddy. Didn't think this was real when the post first broke, but you're a real live hero +Jeff Williams.
Cason B
Okay and which one is the bootloader?
There will be two zips. One for radio one for baseband 
+Jeff Williams Perfect! Thanks. I'm just trying to get on to a PC so that I can upload them in flashable format.
Lol holy shyt the modem is 64MBs 
Cason B
Im uploading a flashable for the radio
+efrant xda which forum are you posting to? I'm about halfway there, but running out of time
Someone already got the radio out. Lol, I should have started with the baseband
Cason B
Lol dammit it just finished too 
Cason B
Anyone know if the N7 4.3 update is coming soon?
Maybe you should buy a N7 from an Googler and release the update ;-)
Radio is confirmed working, apparently the bootloader is made but no one has posted a link yet
Note that bootloader is UNTESTED, flash that at your own risk. I'm going to personally wait until others try it first.
+Jeff Williams Thanks for all your help Jeff. A little token of appreciation: confirmation #: 5H5799916P647481R
We can only rely on the LTE
+Mando Garcia there is an issue with can use radio .33 (the last version with working LTE) but on 4.2.2 and 4.3 there is no in-call audio without an in-call audio fix patch, and this patch no longer works on 4.3. another solution is needed
Yes. I know . I have used the LTE... But where i am we don't have LTE yet.. So don't really need it..
Cason B
Wheres the incall audio fix? 
Cason B
Ohh okay ill wait for one for the 4.3 update
Same here i'll wait for
the bootloader and the radio that write on there "cwm" will wok on "twrp" also or i should need wait for news zip?
+aviel ghermezian twrp has been and most likely always will be compatible with any zip that says "cwm" on it. i've been flashing cwm zips in twrp forever.
also the root that i have was deleted and i need to do new root for install both files and i dont know how,please help me
Now... We just need a N7 4.3 dump. Anyone? Can someone just keep buying N7's off of craigslist until you get one?
I think the N10 users need it more...they have massive random rebooting issues
i running 4.3 perfect  and i can't  install new bootloader and radio files. about the screenshot-its not work for me on this way(power+volume down) :/
+aviel ghermezian Flash a file in recovery (flash a recovery with Fastboot if you don't have one) then download a screenshot app.
No, that's just to fix the root problem you have
o.k and this file opn with twrp no do any wipe,right? and after it i can install no problem the radio and the bootloader?
+aviel ghermezian

I would wait until the radio and bootloader are uploaded, and then just fully wipe the device, and flash them all at once, but yes, you can install it now, then wait until the bootloader and radio are released, and then just flash them.
Both are also linked higher up in this post.
Jeff I'm putting you in my "lucky-ass man" circle. In all seriousness, you are the man for investigating and dumping for the rest of the world.
+christian sotelo people have got LTE to work, but voice doesn't work on T-Mobile with any LTE-supporting radio. and .83 doesn't support LTE
Jeff I'm putting you in my "lucky-ass man" circle. In all seriousness, you are the man for investigating and dumping for the rest of the world.
Maybe someone can update rom zip and inculd in the radio and bootloader files?
I can't install them,in the recovery its look like i sucsess and i see on the baseband and 48 version.
Reading this all these comments are entertaining and inspirational lol. Awesome how android community it. I don't have a nexus 4 tho but I do have the S4 and I remember how excited I was when I saw it get leaked out but it wasn't as exciting as this was because all of sudden it was just leak. Awesome work guys!!! Android XDA community FTW!!!
Ok,i need radio that support on 3g only,not 4g/lte beacuse we don't have support here. Wich version i need (33,83 or what)and what about bootloader-what version i need? Please help me
thank you all,finaly success!
have some option to inculd radio FM in the device or its not connection?
And someone have download for adobe flash player? Every website requst me to update the version of flash player..
+aviel ghermezian android no longer supports flash. It now uses HTML5. If you want a browser that has flash, use dolphin browser.

If you are new to modding your phone I suggest you use XDA as a place to learn. 
Thanks everybody.
so what is good on 4.3 and what is not good on 4.3 ?
Add a comment...