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The High Availability Conversation Part 1: Introduction
Hello Dear Reader! 
Twitter is a fantastic tool if you use SQL Server.  It is a great way to network, find
presentations, interact with experts, and #SQLHelp offers some of the best
technical forum conversation on the subject. 
I was on Twitter and my frien...

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Optimize For Unknown
Hello Dear Reader!  It's been a while.  I was working with a friend and we came across an interesting problem.  They had a large amount of skewness/data skew.  This led to some performance issues for them.  The way this manifested itself was in a set of que...

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SQL Azure, Hekaton, and Bob Dorr is Awesome
Hello Dear Reader!  I had recently written a blog for the PFE blog, " How Many Tables Can I Have In SQL Azure DB & SQL Server ".   It was a fun blog that I had written during a very long layover when traveling home.  It covers the maximum number of objects ...

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SQL Server Random Workload Generator
Hello Dear Reader! 
Before I start this blog I want to give credit to Jonathan Kehayias
( @SQLPoolBoy | Blog ).  He’s an Microsoft
Data Platform MVP, MCM,  part of the amazing
crew over at SQLSkills , and a really nice guy.   About 4 years ago Jonathan crea...

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SQL Saturday Jacksonville #552 Pre-Con: A Day of DBA Fundamentals- Install- Maintenance plans-and Security
Hello Dear Reader!  I'm here in beautiful Jacksonville FL for the SQL Saturday 552 events!  Today my friend Dan Taylor (@DbaBulldog | Blog) and I are presenting our Pre-con A Day of DBA Fundamentals, Install, Maintenance Plans, and Security. We are having a...

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Goodbye Pragmatic Works
Normally when I write a blog, I start out will a Hello to my Dear Reader.   Not today.  This was almost a blog I didn't write because I didn't know where to start.  So let me start with the people and see if it moves along from there. To the Consultants You...

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T-SQL Tuesday #73: IOPS on Azure VM's Naughty to Nicer
Hello Dear Reader! 
Last week I posted the invitation to T-SQL Tuesday #73.  The premise?  “ As you work with SQL Server look around you.  Is your
environment Naughty or Nice?  If it is Naughty what’s wrong with it? 
What would you do to fix it?  Do you hav...

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T-SQL Tuesday #73 Invitation – Naughty or Nice?
Hello Dear Reader!  This is the first
Tuesday of the month and you know what that means.  It’s time to announce
the T-SQL Tuesday Topic of the month!  This is your opportunity to
participate in the largest SQL Blog party on the intrawebs.  T-SQL Tuesday is ...

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Top 3 Questions Before Submitting to a SQL Saturday
Hello Dear Reader!  We are coming up upon the 9th SQL Saturday for Orlando .  Orlando is where SQL Saturday began, and the home to some pretty amazing speakers. We, the SQL Saturday Orlando Team, are hard at work getting ready for the event.   Our Call for ...

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Looking Out for Others Helps You Lead
I'm sitting on a plane. I'm in an exit row, still a big guy in a little seat. I go to sit down and notice the seat to my left has water on the seat. Not so deep that it is a puddle. 5 to 10 big drops. Enough that you wouldn't want to sit in it. The person w...
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