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Stephen Wylie
Engineer for a big bank by day, zealous mobile & Web programmer and life enthusiast by night.
Engineer for a big bank by day, zealous mobile & Web programmer and life enthusiast by night.

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Appreciating Huge Light Marquees On Game Shows Of the Past
Recently, I dug up an old email where I was musing on the big marquee on an old television game show called The Magnificent Marble Machine. Most shows were using art cards and sliding/spinning them as shown below, but follow along as I dive into what it took at the time to make something way more advanced.

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Inverting And Combining An Open-Drain Signal
Ever needed to combine two signals with a NOR gate, but invert one of them beforehand without frying your parts? Here is my suggestion. Please click to read more.

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Passing "this" Around In Polymer
Polymer is cool, but what if you want to stay "DRY", and what if you want all the functions you write to live outside your Polymer element? Hint: you'll need some way to pass "this" around...

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Last-Minute Stocking Contest Entry Takes the Cake!
Here's the story about how I incorporated WS2812 LEDs and servo motors to make a fancy stocking that wowed everyone at the office.

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You Had the Time Of Your Life 40 Years Ago... Now What?
We all have our happy places and fond, cherished memories.  For many, it's taking part in a unique experience or getting distinctive recognition.  For some, it's the time they peaked in life.  And for still others, it's when you won something big on a game show (or at least got to go up and kiss Bob Barker).

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The story of those awesome "shaky benches" from TechWeek Dallas 2016
I often tout myself as someone familiar with hardware, and try to stay on top of all the latest & greatest gadgets in the arena.  It's difficult; eventually you will find that you've ignored something that virtually everybody else in your circles seems to have already played with. Here's my turn to play with WS2812 LED strips for an art installation last month.

I will be talking in-depth about the techniques involved with doing this at Dallas Makerspace next Sunday at 3 PM local time! RSVP here if you plan to attend in person: #romhacking #retrogaming

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60 years ago today, the greatest game show, and possibly the greatest television show period, debuted on NBC and still goes strong to this day on CBS. Then, exactly halfway between then & now, its #1 biggest fan was born. Happy 60th to The Price is Right, and Happy 30th to Me!
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Making a ROM hack of an old arcade game
An interesting work project, right? I was invited to take my Giant NES Controller to a recruiting event for work taking place at a local brewery.  But you can't just have an NES controller without anything to play, right?  Thus, I pitched a couple ideas on ...

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Help me schedule my class where I describe my Tapper arcade mod project here: Then come learn how to do ROM hacking! Edit ROM files to change the graphics, modify the game program without causing a ROM error, and see some custom programming for injecting hex code right where you need it without tedious copy-paste.
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