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Stephen Wylie
Engineer for a big bank by day, zealous mobile & Web programmer and life enthusiast by night.
Engineer for a big bank by day, zealous mobile & Web programmer and life enthusiast by night.

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Moments Inside Google I/O 2016
Google I/O 2017 is the highly-anticipated and much-improved follow-on edition of Google I/O 2016.  It's evident throughout all aspects of the conference that they took feedback and lessons learned from last year's maiden foray into the Shoreline Amphitheate...

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Journey to a Fully Custom Pinball Machine - Part 1
While I've worked on a mixture of side projects for profit and fun these past few years, I can't help but note the urge to do more ridiculous things for myself lately not for the primary sake of profit, but more just to impress or amuse people -- namely myself. 

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My Journey With Implementing JPA
There comes a time in pretty much every programming project when you need to communicate with a database of some sort.  When doing this in Java, one choice is to manipulate DriverManagers or DataSources directly.  However, if you want to take advantage of P...

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Join me tonight to get Hands-On with Google's Machine Learning APIs at Improving Enterprises or online!

Tonight, I'm hosting yet another edition of Hands-On with Google's Machine Learning APIs! Join me in-person at Improving Enterprises; RSVP at or watch on Google Hangouts Live at . Hope to see you there!

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Because evidently Google Photos is so dense that I have to upload photos here for them to be shared to the public, and then Chrome bitches about me serving plain HTTP images from Imgur onto an HTTPS forum... <sigh>

Anyway, here you go, it's Wylie 1-Flip, my totally custom pinball machine, from start to finish 2/20 - 3/26, just in time for Texas Pinball Fest! Game logic runs on an Intel Edison with Arduino breakout board, and lots of vinyl-cut art and 3D-printed parts atop and below the playfield.

+Stacy Devino handled the artwork, CAD work for the 3D-printed parts, and a lot of the electronic parts selection.
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Appreciating Huge Light Marquees On Game Shows Of the Past
Recently, I dug up an old email where I was musing on the big marquee on an old television game show called The Magnificent Marble Machine. Most shows were using art cards and sliding/spinning them as shown below, but follow along as I dive into what it took at the time to make something way more advanced.

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Inverting And Combining An Open-Drain Signal
Ever needed to combine two signals with a NOR gate, but invert one of them beforehand without frying your parts? Here is my suggestion. Please click to read more.

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Passing "this" Around In Polymer
Polymer is cool, but what if you want to stay "DRY", and what if you want all the functions you write to live outside your Polymer element? Hint: you'll need some way to pass "this" around...

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Last-Minute Stocking Contest Entry Takes the Cake!
Here's the story about how I incorporated WS2812 LEDs and servo motors to make a fancy stocking that wowed everyone at the office.
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