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Cynthia L. Moyer
I'm a writer. I have a desk and everything.
I'm a writer. I have a desk and everything.

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The 2016 Extreme Team season is right around the corner!
The coaching staff is working hard to plan this year's schedule for the lucky schools the Extreme Team will visit in the spring with their AMAZING athletic sports show, and the Beacon Hill kids are busy practicing their skills at home and in P.E. class, get...

Soooo...... I never come over here to G+ simply because there's only so much time in the day, but does that say my profile has been viewed over 777,000 times?? It seems like that's a bit much.... my book sales DEFINITELY do not reflect that. 
stares at everyone on G+ 

My big news is that I'm switching all of my writing to a new pen name! I'm tired of this just being a hobby, so I'm moving through my current books to update them in order to re-release them, then preparing a new one for publication, and then I will be on my way with a pretend persona, which will help me in so many ways.
Peace out! 

Oh, and they're tearing up the streets around my house, which is awesome. We have some noise during the day, but the rest of the time? QUIET.... BLISSFUL QUIET.

Our road is normally SUPER busy as its the main drag over Astoria's hill... and now there's barely any traffic! It's wonderful! 

Hello!!!! :-) 
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