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Ahmer Shah
Founded VIP Network Dubai in 2009 as a networking website it is rebranded in 2014 as an online coaching and consultancy network.
Founded VIP Network Dubai in 2009 as a networking website it is rebranded in 2014 as an online coaching and consultancy network.

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Greetings !

You're not obligated to win. You're obligated to keep trying to do the best you can every day. – Marian Wright Edelman.

 With VIP Network-Dubai we are thankful to every one who extended his connection to us on our website and other networking groups. If for any reason our admin team has eliminated your connection from any of our networking group for assessing your profile as inactive and not registered in our website , we are sorry we can reinstate your connection to the group. You can write back to us at

VIP Network-Dubai aims to become a quality network of like minded quality connections who like to talk , share experiences and engage and open hearted. In this context we invite all our networking group members on facebook to connect with us on SKYPE at our ID : vipnetworkdubai , we will be happy to add you to our meetup group which is now at 70 quality connections most of them have experienced our meetups as a valuable effort. We are also starting a topic based discussion in our networking groups our meetup group is currently limited to 100 active participants. If you are a speaker and would like to share a topic you can request to schedule your talk with our moderator. Your can send your request to our email , if you wish to join the calling group as a participant or as a speaker both ways we consider this a value to our network. We hope you appreciate our work , making our group more effective and meaningful.

We wish to continue with VIP Network-Dubai with more meaning and joy in 2013
 Kind Regards,
Ahmer Shah
Founder & CEO VIP Network-Dubai
SKYPE ID : vipnetworkdubai

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A quality network for quality connections. VIP Network Dubai invites you to join our upcoming meetup this saturday at 8pm Dubai Time. SKYPE us on : vipnetworkdubai

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Lets connect on skype : vipnetworkdubai

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Feel free to classify your profile in our members directory with your professional and business interest at VIP Network-Dubai.

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Our page on Google+ : Lets connect !

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900+ VIP connections.

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Greetings to All !

Looking forward to add value to your VIP Networking in Dubai ! Request to Join VIP Network Dubai at Linked In limited membership !

To join our VIP Network Dubai's group on your favorite social networks :

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Thank you ,

Ahmer Shah

VIP Network-Dubai : 'Making Ethical VIP Connections in Dubai '

Greetings and Best Wishes to all from VIP Network Dubai ! - A Private Online Business network in Dubai :

Happy National Day UAE ! Friday was amazing in Dubai !
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