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Lonestar Motorcycle Services

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Read about the new owner of Lonestar Motorcycle Services, Fred Gorini, in the Orange County Choppers book
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Lonestar Motorcycles Services has been serving the motorcycle community in Central Florida for over 17 years. We are excited to announce that we are under new ownership. We have the same Master Mechanic with over 39 years of V twin experience and 16 years as an instructor at AMI.

Lonestar is a full service motorcycle shop providing a variety of services including : safety inspections - maintenance - repairs - tires - performance upgrades - batteries - oil changes - engine and transmission rebuilding - V twin assistance - teaching seminars
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A word from our new Owner:
Welcome to Lonestar Motorcycle Services,
I’ve been hooked on two wheel vehicles for most of my life. In my pre teen years, I rode a Schwinn bicycle - not the Stingray but one from the Black Phantom line. It was like a baby Harley. It had a springer front end, the fat-bob style horn cases, a luggage rack on the rear fender and a headlight on the front fender. It was awesome. Since I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York in the Coney Island area, it was a given that I was in a bicycle gang as soon as I learned to ride it.
As I reached teen years, my first motorcycle was a “hot” Indian Chief, if you catch my
drift. The neighborhood guys all chipped in and we bought it real cheap. Since none of us was old enough to get a license we only rode it back and forth on a one way street.
It was better than a bicycle for sure.
When I turned 18 and got my license, I rode Triumph Bonnevilles that I borrowed from friends and learned to really ride on. One was a 1965 that was chopped and had high rise handlebars; the other was a stone stock 1966. After riding awhile, I enlisted in the US Army and served a tour in the Viet Nam war as a combat Infantryman (11C40) with the First Air Cavalry, Airmobile Infantry.
Immediately after I returned home from Nam, with my saved combat pay I bought a brand new 1967 Triumph TR6 - the model with only one carburetor. It was enough bike for me in the city, but once I started logging in some real highway miles, I moved up to a Harley. It was a 1961 FLH that I converted to a Pan-Shovel. I set it up in a 1957 straight leg ridged frame with a 10 over front end and a 21 inch front wheel. That was the way to go back then, but looking back, I wish I had it now in stone stock condition. Anyway, back then kick start choppers with no saddlebags was the way to go.
After a stint in college, under the GI bill, I apprenticed into the Iron Workers Union and after working a few years, I met Paul Teutul Sr. of Orange County Chopper fame. It was his brother in-law, Bill Quill, who taught me the trade. Along with another Harley brother, we quickly indoctrinated Paul Sr. into the Harley world. It was Bill Sarris and I, that convinced Paul that Harley choppers was the way to go. Paul Sr. and I became close friends and started our own small iron working business. When Paul Jr. was born I was privileged to stand in as his godfather in the Christian faith.
Eventually, it was the call of God on my life to go into the ministry that caused us to part ways. I got married, started a family, and moved to Florida where I continued in the iron working trade until I entered full time ministry in 1983. You can read Paul Sr.‘s comments on our time together in his book “Orange County Choppers, The Tale of The Teutuls.”
Through the years I remained hooked on Harleys and have had a number of them. I’ve had a 1941 EL Knucklehead, the 1961 Pan-Shovel, numerous Evos and now I have two Twin Cams. These days, I am still serving the Lord as a pastor in Christian ministry and currently serve as a National Elder in Bikers For Christ M/M, where I’m known as Pastor G. I still remain actively involved in riding and wrenching. This past year, an opportunity arose for me to to fulfill a lifetime dream.
In July 2017, I became the new owner of Lonestar Motorcycles Services which has been serving the motorcycle community in Central Florida for over 17 years. We have the same Master Mechanic, Dave Walker who founded Lonestar, and has over 39 years of V twin experience. He also has served as an instructor at the American Motorcycle Institute for 16 years. We at Lonestar are committed to serve your motorcycling needs with a spirit of excellence.
We appreciate your friendship and business.
Come and hang out with us at Lonestar Motorcycle Services in South Daytona, Florida.
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We are a motorcycle repair shop
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