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Olga Rasmussen
Mystic, Certified Yoga Teacher, educator, theologian, poet, blogger
Mystic, Certified Yoga Teacher, educator, theologian, poet, blogger


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Your Life and Work Matters
I rise in the early dawn and go for a walk, in the crisp cool air.  The sun is rising a little later than it did three weeks ago, and the the coolness of the morning and delayed dawning, serve as a reminder that the fall season is not far behind. I receive ...

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I Am Well. It is Well. All is Well.
Re-entries from vacations are always hard. At least for me. I spent two weeks visiting loved ones, walking several beaches for hours, generally disconnected from the news and media. It was heaven! I lived in an alternative universe. One where all was well.....

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Lessons From a Soul's Journey
I reflect on lessons transmitted to me and hopefully learned, over a two week period of visiting dear ones, but of also journeying more deeply inward. I walk oceans, grounding my feet - sticking my toes in sand, waves, and foam - and ultimately my soul - de...

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Gifts from the Sea
"Cooperation is key for you at the moment. Let go of ego and work it out." ~ Pelican I walk the shoreline of the ocean, as often as three times a day. Sometimes more, hungrily trying to make up for my many years of absence. With each step I bathe and ground...

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You Can't Step into the Same Ocean Thrice
"You cannot step into the same river twice..." This quote, attributed to Heraclitus, arises in my heart. I stare in awe, at the broad expanse of the ocean in front of me, having risen to meet a new dawning and say to myself -  "You cannot step into the same...

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Gifts of Divine Sight and Sacred Pause
I am halfway through an incredible journey, of visiting life long friends and family, and making many connections. Many moving pieces came together easily and quickly. A dear one said to me recently, that this trip would be a time of great significance. She...

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Practice Self Care
These past couple of weeks or so, I have delighted in practicing self care.  It seems that practically every book I've read recently makes some reference to practicing self care, and most importantly, loving ourselves. For the first time in years I am actua...

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Love Yourself First
I finished reading three books this week, and in all of them I found this essential message repeated, over and over again, in various permutations:  Love yourself first, then you can love others. Appreciate who you are. Do not put yourself down. Do not sell...

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Your Life is Your Practiceyoga
"The awakened mind has two attributes.  One is compassion, what some would call love. The other is clarity, what some would call sight. They are not really two things.  Each is a function of the other. When you see, really see, you just love. When you love,...

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Enjoying and Loving Your Life
"Each of us inevitable, Each of us limitless - Each of us with his or her right upon the earth, Each of us allow'd the eternal purports  of the earth, Each of us here as divinely as any is here." ~ Walt Whitman, (Leaves of Grass) "There is nothing more impo...
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