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Lori Ann Black
Predictably Unpredictable and Eternally Curious
Predictably Unpredictable and Eternally Curious

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Please give and help her

Brain surgery is scheduled for Aug 30th. It will be followed by chemo & radiation.

If it is the type of cancer they believe it is, there is a 40% survival rate for 10 years or longer.

Because of the location of the tumor they will not be able to remove the entire tumor. The worst case (with surgery) is immediate full loss of all language types (using or understanding spoken, written & ASL) and motor control over the right side of my body, with no ability to relearn. The best case (with surgery) is partial loss of all language types with the ability to gain a little back through speech therapies & rehab. There is also a risk of the tumor/cancer progressing to a more aggressive grade and causing the worst case scenario, just further down the line.

If I choose to forgo treatment the most likely scenario is that over the next 5-10 years I will slowly lose all language capabilities and motor control over right side of my body with no ability to relearn. There is the much higher likelihood of the tumor/cancer progressing to a more aggressive grade and causing the worst case scenario faster than the original 5-10 year estimate.

Either way, this kinda sucks.

If I could get rid of everyone in my life I would... not to be mean but to be merciful... I will be a problem to all that care soon enough, why can't I just die.   Please let me go, walk away, move on with your useful lives.  push me off shore to float away as I should nobly do alone...

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In 2 months I will give birth to my beautiful baby girl and 4 short weeks after giving birth I will begin the long series of surgeries, MRI's, radiation & chemo that will allow me be to be around to raise that little girl.

I thought a long time about whether I should share this on my page. Asking for help is never an easy thing, but I've come to the end of myself and the journey ahead of me is still very long. So, I'm asking you my friends and family for support, give if you're able and everyone please share.

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Help Beethoven arrange his masterpieces in today’s #GoogleDoodle

This was unexpectedly fun... Must have sound on.

Petty little lap dog petty little boy
Blind to the truth of being another’s toy
Thinking that you matter feeling all in charge
Never really seeing that your just another card
Dealt like a hand from someone else’s deck
Guided to the end by the collar round your neck
Try as you might you are nothing to the rest
We all know who holds you to the test.
Petty little Lap Dog Petty little boy
Sad to see you lead around like a little toy

Some Karma Quotes that I have come across that I Find Seriously Great:

"People that create their own drama deserve their own Karma"
"Welcome to the Karma Cafe.  There are no menu's You be served what you deserve"
"How beautiful is it to stay silent when someone expects you to be enraged"
"I'm smiling because I know that Karma will bitch-slap you eventually"
"I't called Karma.  And it's pronounced 'HA HA F**k You'"

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Justice can be so sweet when it is so long deserved. It is so wonderful to see others get what they truly need to have happen to them.

Life is precious 
Cherish it
Life is fleeting
Appreciate it 
Life is fragile
Protect it
In all things sacred life is first
Remember it.
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