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I tink letting the dolls review themselves is kind of creepy. You know. =-)
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We tried the whole time to see the positives of the place. Its location for one. Conveniently located within walking distance (if you so choose) to many local business a traveler may need. Even Venture River the local Water Park is within walking distance. The room was clean except one small thing the coffee pot had old coffee in it, and they did have fresh clean sheets on the bed. The bed was very comfortable. Something that is very important to me, as I have back problems after serving in the Marine Corp. The room is decently sized, more then enough room for two stand at the bathroom sink, plenty of room in the shower for one person, the room does have a nice hot tub with plenty of room for two, a decent size mini fridge (that needed defrosting), a microwave, and a wet bar. But, that's where the positives end and the negatives start to add up. I worked for sometime in the hospitality field for a hotel which charged premium price, so I know what is expected of a place that charges the prices this hotels does. For one all the furniture, decor. and TV are really out dated, and are more like something you would find in a Motel 8. They advertise free WiFi. It was free, but extremely slow when it worked at all. I was able to tether my cell phone to my laptop, and use it as a modem for my laptop to get better speed through my wireless provider. When I spoke to the manager about this. He became very defensive, and nervous. I was given an excuse that a work order was already in place, that they were simply waiting on a tech to fix the problem, and he offered to reset the router to see if that would help. It didn't. I was confused why would they had failed to mention this to me upon my check-in since they were according to him obviously aware of the problem, and supposedly already taken steps to fix it. Instead they handed me a password for the WiFi without one mention of this problem. I do not like being lied to, and worse off I hate even more someone trying to play me. The AC in our room did not work, and the filter was in serious need of replacing. Again another issue I was given the run around by the manager, and they were unable to resolve. I was not offered a discount for this problem, or another room in its place. Which is standard practice in other hotels charging premium rates. I was simply given another excuse. The security lock on the side entrance of the hotel was disengaged and broken along with the security camera at the same entrance. All were free to walk in as they pleased. When I requested clean towels for our room I was told I had to gather our dirty ones, and bring them to him at the front desk along with my room key to prove I was indeed staying at the hotel. A fact he must have forgotten since our last two encounters before I could have the new ones. Something that was impossible. Since, I had handed the old towels to his house keeper right in front of the desk where he was standing, not 30 seconds before requesting new ones from him. I then had to wait while he got on the radio, and verified this from the house keeper. As if I was lying to him. I was then left standing at the front desk for sometime as the manager sent the front desk clerk to other rooms to collect the towels I had requested. Upon returning instead of handing me the towels they were set down on a desk behind the counter, so they could assist new customers check-in that had walked in while I was made to wait. I could go on and on... I could have very easily gotten over the many small issues I noticed during our stay. Along with the WiFi being down. I could have even gotten over having to move my room due to the AC not working if they had offered it to me. Even after all that I still could have walked away maybe unsatified with the price I had paid, but content with the room. But, what I can not get over is this place customer service. If they had not lied, played games, and disregarded me once they had already secured their payment for our stay. The management in this place is horrible. Do not stay here.
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