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Digital Always Media is a full service digital marketing agency.
Digital Always Media is a full service digital marketing agency.

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Tonight on ‪#‎SocialChat‬ +Elmer Boutin  joins co-hosts +Alan K'necht  and +Michelle Stinson Ross  to discuss the "Anti-User" at 9pm Eastern. Please drop in to learn what an anti-user is, how to identify them and how to deal with them.

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SocialChat easier

Hope to see you in the chat in just over 2 hours.

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Learn about Social Analytics & Measurement via the life cycle of some cucumber plants #BackYardAlanytics

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@aknecht explores A/B testing methodology in this episode of Backyard Analytics

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How to correctly measure & use historical analytic data to evaluate seasonal impact

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Analytics & Annotations in Backyard Analytics Episode 4 with Alan K'necht

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Crazy rules in deed. Google luck to the FTC in trying to enforce these.
YIKES! These rules are bordering on craziness. Let's see on a tweet promoting as blog post from my company +Digital Always Media I'd need to say something like "Read this blog post from my company @DigitalAlways......." that just used up 51 of my 140 characters. 
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