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1 week, 2 tournaments and 2 wins! 

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Combining casting and playing.
Foto: Jonathan Reider Lundkvist This weekend I was playing in top 8 of University Star League. I managed to beat Xylla 2-0 but in the semi I fell 1-3 to Mekar, from Team Property, who later won the tournament. We had some really close games so I’m not super...

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My 2013
I didn’t have the best start of 2013. But in the end, looking back, it was a very good year. A year that I will look back at as a happy year and a year filled with love, challenges, travels, StarCraft and many new friends. I appeared in a coke commercial, w...

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Mitt liv som drönare.
Klockan står
på 00.00, tideräkningen har just börjat och mina nästan identiska syskon börjar
genast samla naturtillgångar. Själv låter jag min nyfikenhet ta mig ut på
äventyr. Jag tar en sista titt på kläckningscentralen sedan spanar jag ut över
terrängen o...

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I will focus more on esports!
My biggest problem in life is that
there are too many things that I want to do. I am working on my PhD in
Mathematics at the moment and that takes a lot of time. I am also running a
student gym and I am casting the Swedish championship in SC2 and qualifiers...

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IeSF World Championship
Last weekend I went to Romania to play the first so called world championship where the StarCraft 2 tournament was for girls only. And I won!!! I also wrote history, being the first e-sports player to get doping tested at a tournament. The tournament In tot...
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