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Join us for the School Holidays.....
Winter Wonderland Workshop bookings already open - Book by clicking here All other workshops open on Monday 5th June 8am - click here to go to the booking page (click on workshop heading to go to Try Booking).

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Easter Holiday Challenge - Winners & Entries
WOW - the standard of the Easter Holiday Challenge was just amazing.  So much creativity and hard work went into these entries.  Well done to everyone who entered.  It was such a challenge deciding the winners. The theme for the Easter Holidays was to produ...

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Ceramic Cake Boxes
Loved how these turned out! Yummy cake slice boxes that look good enough to eat...These were actually pretty easy to make, I had children from Prep - Grade 5 make these.  You don't need to fire them or glaze them.  I had a few children that painted them imm...

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Cakes Pop Up Workshop
What a wonderful pop up workshop this was! The whole studio looked and smelt like a bakery.  It was a riot of colour. 1. The Cakes The idea for these fake cakes came from two of my favourite Instagram  / blog accounts, Purple Twig and Meri Cherry.   Check o...

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Portrait of Dad using Clay and Oil Pastel
Yes, this is my THIRD post on Portraits of Dad - maybe I should have done them all in one?  Anyway I'm here now and here is my third way of doing a portrait of Dad for Father's Day.  These were produced by my lunchtime class at school in a 45 minute session...

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Portrait of Dad in the style of Modigliani
We often do portraits of Dad for Father's Day.  I actually know quite a few of the Dad's so its always fun seeing the children draw them, many of the portraits have such a likeness.. This project used the lesson by Art Projects for Kids on how to draw a Mod...

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Portrait of Dad using Plasticine (Preschool Art)
My preschoolers recently produced these fab portraits of Dad for Father's Day. So easy to do and I'm just loving them.  It was also great for their fine motor skills to break up and squash in the plasticine. What you need: Printout of head Black permanent m...

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Trophy for the Worlds Best Dad
My preschoolers decorated these homemade trophies for Father's Day.  They just loved sitting there and sticking on all the bits, some worked on theirs for ages.  The room was actually silent for a while with all that concentration going on. What you need: p...

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Olympics Lesson - Part 2: Foil Athletes
Part two of our Olympic Lesson concentrated on what the Olympics is all about - the athletes.  I had children in Prep - Grade 5 doing this lesson. I did a very similar lesson to this 2 years ago when the Winter Olympics were on and the children so LOVED it....

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Olympic Games Lesson - Part 1: Rio Carnival Masks
I just love the Olympic Games - they are so exciting to watch and its so wonderful seeing so many countries competing together. When the Olympics are on I like to do two lessons, one based on the country they are held in and one on the athletes. The first l...
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