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Jordan Schwenke

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Touch Comp
In my touch team I have a good self esteem. I am not overconfident or pessimistic about my worth in the team, I don't like being overconfident because if I was I would be a nuisance to the team for being to arrogant.  In the past I've had experiences of hav...

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Active Listening
Active listening is not only using your ears. Active Listening is also shown by your body language, also recapitulating a peers words that they have said to you. For example there was an "Blindfolded Obstacle Course" my companion Daniel became my eyes, I ha...

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Self Esteem & Self Efficacy
Self Esteem and Self Efficacy is very important. There is a little game called The Trust Fall trust is most required in your team and in yourself. Being Optimistic is having to think positive consistently believe that your team would catch you, Unlike being...

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Communicating is what we are always doing daily.... Body language is shown 55% at times when communicating with mankind,  people  use body language to reveal their feelings or explain more about what they are trying to express , it can be expressed with neg...

Our class made Sherbet today, others made theirs very sweet, others made theirs just perfect and others just wanted to be hilarious and add 3 more teaspoons of citric acid which made the mixture sour, it was fun , especially to see my friends facials. :)
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