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Joy, by Biblical definition, is a choice, not a feeling. We will find our joy when we choose to rejoice in Christ in all things! 

How you live your life is a stage for the gospel. Do your actions declare Christ? Remember, "Christian" isn't a title but your life. 

Christians, how do your relationships declare the Gospel of Christ? 

Love is not concerned with dignity. It casts aside all things to reflect the Gospel to the world. #TrueLove 

Remorse does not equal repentance. Yet repentance does equal change. True repentance changes a man's heart and shapes him to live Christ. 

Our desires twist us to believe that others are solely here to help us satisfy our desires, when in reality we are here to Glorify Christ! 

People devalue one another when we value our desires over God. #WhatDoYouWorship 

The purpose of the church is one thing, to declare the supremacy of Christ as King! #KingOfEverything 

The heart of every man's sin is the fact that we want to be "king of me" but when you acknowledge that Christ is king our hearts can change. 

If you worship anything other than Jesus then your worship is hopeless and helpless because anything other than Christ is lesser than Jesus! 
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