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Watched X-Men: Days of Future Past. Like it less than X-Men: First Class but it was still way better than X-Men: The Last Stand.

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Just caught Ender's Game movie. An exciting ride while it lasted but without any meat to it. I supposed it wasn't able to compress the whole book into 2 hours, and the main parts of the story was there. But it still felt like the story was choppy and Ender too unreal. And some of the creative license taken with the tale didn't' feel right.

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Bitterblue wasn't what I expected after Graceling and Fire. I didn't love it but I did enjoy re-visiting old friends.

Finished James Rollins' Altar of Eden. An exciting read and I really enjoyed the theories of a hive mind. Both comforting and frightening. Can't say much about the characters or the conclusion to the tale though. Not much stands out in terms of personalities and the ending was too pat and abrupt.

Guess this ends my experiments with this particular author.

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Just finished reading Amazonia by James Rollins. Pretty exciting read but can't say that I liked any of the characters in particular. Boringly typical there.

What's of particular interest is the descriptions of the Amazon & its inhabitants. Both the danger & the beauty of that world is brought to life.

In the end though, I doubt I'll be re-reading this particular book but I wouldn't mind reading another Rollins thriller.

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My take on the Man of Steel

So, I just caught the Man of Steel and how did it compare against other super hero movies?
Well, it's exciting enough to have comparing it against The Avengers and Iron Man 3. The major drawback though is the back story and reboot of the origins story. The explanations given for the suit and all just doesn't cut it. Too cheesy. Definitely an eyeball rolling moment for me.
What they've improved on though was Lois Lane's character and showing that Superman can't do it alone. It would be great if they could include or expand on these elements in the future.
And if I don't have to be subjected to more explanations on Superman's origins, this could prove to be another movie franchise I'm keen to follow. It's just too bad about Batman. I still don't like the reboot, which means if DC plans on a Justice League movie, here's someone who won't be watching.

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