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Made some towers out of cardboard. Can't wait to use them in our next session!

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Working on a dungeon right now, the Garil Temple.

This temple was once created by followers of Weebool, the god of madness, deep in the Jungles of Vidual. When Durant, the god of sciences, knowledge, and arcana, discovered the temple in his territory, he declared that it must be destroyed.

One of Durant's disciples, Illluru Savani, suggested that the temple be merely converted instead of destroyed. He offered to take up residence there and use it to study magic. Durant was pleased, and allowed it.

Illuru Savani slowly went insane due to a curse Weebool put on the temple. In the midst of his madness, he performed experiments on some local primates, attempting to grant them a higher level of intelligence to act as his servants. He was successful, and the Garil were born.

The Garil also suffered from the curse of madness, and eventually turned on Illuru, ripping him to pieces. The Garil lived in peace for some time, but the madness took over them more day by day. Great wars in the jungle broke out between the beast tribes.

After a cataclysmic event that affected the whole world, the Garil were driven into the temple, where they now prefer to stay. Lately, though, they've been re-emerging, and have been terrorizing local citizens in the village nearby.

Whatcha think?

This post is half for me, half for you. If you happen to be one of my players please do not read blow

Oh boy, I just confirmed we are playing this weekend in the campaign I run, and I have a lot to figure out. Here are the current goings on of the party:

Mazen, Fazen, and the arson of the Exquisite Emerald - Last time, the players met Mazen, private investigator extraordinaire, and his bloodhound Fazen. Mazen was there investigating one of the player's, Emrelda, parent's shop, the Exquisite Emerald, which had burned down several years ago, killing her parents in the process. The receptionist at the jeweler's guild was wearing a peculiar golden necklace, and in their most recent adventure to the Black Rot Gang's hideout they just so happened to find a necklace of fireballs that looks eerily similar without the orbs! Also, Mazen is an idiot and will probably do more harm than good, but maybe he can help! He's going to try either way.

Jibber Jabber in the Mines: A possible insane man had come running outside of the mines underneath Alora when the first arrived, with an arrow in the back. He was later found at the local city guard station, rocking back and forth muttering about the "noises" and "gibbers." The player's decided that the day wasn't a good day to go poking around, and clearly there has to be some repercussions if they choose to ignore it!

The Nameless Brothers: A while back the players were greeted by a strange man, who never gave his name. He told them to be weary of the box they had found in a temple, and not to let it fall into the wrong hands, before given them a coin with a featureless face on it. They have since found the Stone of Dragon's Breath, a powerful artifact that gives the attuned the ability to breath powerful elements. They haven't seen the man since. Will he make a reappearance soon?

The Black-Rot Gang Bounty: When we last left, the players had just finished killing a leader of the Black-Rot Gang, a tribe of Orcs and Goblins known for their affinity to use oozes and slimes to guard their hangouts. In the process they found the aforementioned fireball necklace AND a letter from a mysterious Modren Delacroix, inviting the Black-Rot Gang to join the Grogswamp in overthrowing the Adaymos Empire, or be crushed beneath the horde.

Garret Powerchord - Scam Artist Extraordinaire: In our last outing, Charlatan Bard Garret Powerchord had managed to lie, steal, and cheat his way across Alora. What will the possible repercussions be for his actions and how will the rest of the party deal with him?

The Dragons: The dragons have been dead for a very long time, but every strange place the players go seem to remind them of the scaly beasts. Modren, and thus the Black-Rot gang, the Nameless Brothers, hell even by proxy - the Jibber Jabber in the mines - all tie back into this main thread of the story. I don't know how much they have figured out yet, but I guarantee more will be revealed.

That's all for now. I have story to write, tokens to make, monsters to create, and dungeons to design! All in the next 3 days. Although I'll probably go light and make half of it up as we go.

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I don't know why I ever unsubscribed from this game. So much catching up to do. #FFXIV #UncleUlty

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Seemed an appropriate opportunity.

From tonight's game:

Veteran player: Never trust the DM.
Newbie: Why wouldn't I trust him?
Veteran: Because he lies. All the time.
Veteran: I open the door.

DM (me): When you touch the door you find yourself suddenly stuck to it. Roll initiative.

Lessons were learned.

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For the first time ever I was told I couldn't vape in a bar.

Guess I won't be drinking here again. We are like the only people here, too.

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So my campaign might finally happen. I started planning the world a bit before the release of the first 5th ed books, but it kind of fell off because I couldn't find reliable players.

Just the other day I started reading Norse Mythology, and got inspired to write some stuff for my world. Here is a preview of the first chapter of the story of Creation. Read and let me know what you think!

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Almost time for Sunday Morning Space! First goal of the today: rendezvous with the Glorious Space Lab on this crazy orbit, deorbit it and get the crew! #KerbalSpaceProgram

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Another day, another success. We made it to Mun before those Kolechian terrorists. Things good for Arstotzka Space Program.

#KerbalSpaceProgram   #KSP   #Arstotzka   #papersplease   #kolechia   #terrorists  
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