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Living the Art
Living the Art


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Play - the world's largest text based multiplayer RPG game on your Desktop, Phone or Tablet . I am totally addicted to this game.

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Current State of Magic
div{ width: 200px; word-break: break-all; } Throughout the years, magic has helped as well as hindered man, because of the power of the Wish and the heights of power that the Wisher nearly rose to, magic and those who use magic have always been treated with...

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So I got this new keyboard keeper desk organizer to keep the Clover off my keyboard as you can see it's working out really well

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I love this game- helps me work off some of the frustrations in Sl so I can continue to be kind. Like the text games of old but better!

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Playing this game- still learning the ropes- but great stress relief.Something about mugging people....

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A Fantasy Creators Collective
A Fantasy Creators Collective

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When you walk into a roomful of cats and kittens at a shelter, one of the hardest things to do is to pick one or two.

They all need a home.

Some are looking for attention and others just curl up in their safe spot waiting for the right time to make their presence known.
If you take your time and you're patient, the right cat will pick you. Cats have this wonderful ability to pick out a special someone - someone that they bond or connect with to the depths of their soul. They just know sometimes when the right person walks in.
They really do.

This was truly the case with our new boy-Currently named Mars.
When we walked in the cat room today, he was out of his cage, and wiggled out of the arms of his attendant to get to me, looking up at me -he seemed to say" Hey! there you are, where have you been!? "

So, this little black Poly Toed drooling purrbox found his people.
We have to wait a week for him to be neutered, and checked out before our adoption is final but..
After watching him climb Mr Aine like a jungle gym and perch on his shoulder( the highest place in the room.)
Cuddling him and just spending an hour with him, Our hearts are less broken over the Loss of Fergus, and we feel complete again knowing soon he'll be joining our family and making it complete.
Like all cats in our past, he's not told us his real name yet, but once he is settled and comfortable he will.
So 6 days and counting before our new Jellicle comes home.

Please if your considering a pet, check out your local shelters first, or pet finder!
Its hard seeing so many little lost souls waiting for homes but a shelter pet usually comes already fixed, with shots and is well worth the minimal cost. ( Where we found on new little guy) and are great places to start.

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Exciting changes
Exciting changes

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Newest Creation Glasso Round Top Vardo -
What's a Vardo?
A vardo is a traditional horse-drawn wagon used by British Romani people as their home
Why a Open lot?
.The Open lot is significantly lighter, and less likely to turn over in a strong wind. The design incorporates a lightweight canvas top, supported by a wooden frame and is typically painted green to be less noticeable in woodland. An Open lot or Yorkshire Bow Wagon features the same design as a Bow Top but with a curtain instead of the door characteristic of other wagons. The wagon's entrance was covered by a curtain for privacy. Lighter weight means you can move it with less horsepower!
With a LI of 28 perfect for most sims or small lots where low Li and very functional is desired. 10 x 4 x 6 m
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For those that want to learn blender- this is a great place to start.
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