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Disassembling NT system files
Most NT files are stripped. This means that trying to disassemble them is a bit annoying because there are no symbols available. Checked builds of NT came with the symbol files (e.g. support/debug/ppc/symbols/exe/ntoskrnl.dbg for ntoskrnl.exe), but tools li...

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Easy creation of proxy DLL pragma
Converting dumpbin DLL exports information to MSVC linker pragmas Yes, a bit of a weird request. But imagine you want to create a dummy DLL that forwards all the existing symbols of another DLL. Of course you're not going to do it by hand. You have dumpbin ...

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64-bit ARM OS/Kernel/Systems Development Demo on an nVidia Shield TV (Tegra X1)
64-bit ARM OS/Kernel/Systems Development on an nVidia Shield TV (Tegra X1) The Shield TV is based on the 64-bit nVidia X1 chip. Unlike the K1, this is actually a Cortex-A57 based design, instead of being based on the nVidia "Denver" design. That by itself i...

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Porting TianoCore to a new architecture
"UEFI" on...? This article is the first in a series of posts touching on the general process of bringing up TianoCore EDK2 on an otherwise unsupported architecture. Maybe you want to support UEFI for your CPU architecture, or simply have a reasonable firmwa...

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Andrei Warkentin commented on a post on Blogger.
Your wishes have been granted, there are now two independent Power8 ports :-)


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Toying around with LE PowerPC64 via the PowerNV QEMU
I've validated that my ppc64le_hello example runs on top of BenH's PowerNV QEMU tree . Runs really snappy! The only thing that doesn't work is mixed page-size segment support (MPSS, like 16MB in a 4K segment). QEMU does not support MPSS at the moment.

Finally got my HiKey 96board. It's a steaming pile of crap. Helpful suggestion from Cap'n Obvious: if your HDMI support is limited to "certain monitors", maybe, just maybe, you should have soldered on a UART header or an FTDI chip. Thanks for no LAN, too, and especially thanks for a whole 1GB of RAM. Why so much? A megabyte for each of the 8 cores would have been sufficient.

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Toying around with LE PowerPC64 via the Power8 simulator
ppc64le_hello is simple example of what it takes to write stand-alone (that is, system or OS) code that runs in Little-Endian and Hypervisor modes on the latest OpenPOWER/Power8 chips. Of course, I don't have a spare $3k to get one of these nice Tyan refere...

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DOES> in Jonesforth
Jonesforth 47 quoth: (
NOTES ----------------------------------------------------------------------

DOES> isn't possible to implement with this FORTH because we don't have a separate
data pointer.
) Thankfully, that's not true. The ...

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Implementing ;CODE in AArch32 Jonesforth for real.
The Jonesforth ;CODE definition is unfortunately little more than a curiosity. After all, if you wanted
to write a native machine word, you'd probably follow along and implement it inside jonesforth.s proper using the defcode macro. The real power of ;CODE ...
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