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Hello everyone,

I'm a 16 year old teenager, and I have sold a few small businesses over the past few years. While this is all good, I haven't yet reached my goal of starting a larger company, possibly a corporation. A small company consists of 500 or fewer people, by the way.

What kind of a company/corporation would you like to see more of in the future? What trends would you like to be revised in the various industries?

Thank you.
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This is a good question.  Everything is a commodity anymore and I see a small percentage of new corporations being created.  Of the ones that I do see being created they usually come out of the tech sector.  The first thing I would say is don't sell your next company.  Companies are acquired or merged for a couple reasons.  Kill the competition and buy the patents (Microsoft, et al) or competitive advantage is knowledge and resources.  Then you have companies that are built out of organizational culture and customer service (Google/Zappos) or cause marketing (Tom's Shoes/Charity Water).  

I think the world needs more cause marketing corporations because their end goal is a higher (dual) purposed on not just making money, but giving back (outside of your typical Corporate Social Responsibility Policy that is basically part of a marketing plan that most people see through).  
Thank you for your input, Mr. Adams.

I agree that there are too few new corporations being created.
I will admit that my ultimate [business] goal is to create a conglomerate that will use its profits to aid the less fortunate (lower class). All my profit, whether from past or current companies, has gone to cancer research and, as of today, keeps open 42 orphanages in 6 countries. I plan to continue this model with the addition of extracting a modest salary for myself (enough to live in a relatively small house with an ordinary car, etc.), because of what I have seen happen to countries that were once colonized - India, my parents' native land, to be more specific. Having said all that, my views match yours in the sense that we both believe that corporations should not be hoarding money while lavishing unnecessarily large sums on CEOs when they could use it for the betterment of employees and in turn, local communities.

Once again, thank you for your suggestions and your time, Mr. Adams.

Jibin Abraham
+Jibin Abraham Philanthropy like yours is exactly what we need more of. I wish you all the very best in your endeavours and look forward to interacting with your posts here.
Thank you very much, Mr. Maplesden. I do hope others will see the benefit in this as well.
Also, if I do create a business stemming from your ideas on here, I will do it under a pseudonym. Thank you.
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