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Geek Girl, Gamer, Movie Lover and SciFi Fan
Geek Girl, Gamer, Movie Lover and SciFi Fan
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It's that time.... Time to plan for your summer gaming fun!
Early Bird Tickets and Packages are officially on sale for KantCon 2017!

Now is really the best time to get your tickets. While Early Bird Ticket prices are staying flat this year, we will be raising the prices of our Pre-Registration Tickets. This means prices will start going up on April 1st after our Early Bird Specials end!

Be sure to visit the link below to take advantage of our lowest ticket prices, as well as to get the full details on our Early Bird packages! We have three packages this year, depending on how much extra SWAG you want. They come with great items like KantCon dice, dice bags, miniatures, T-shirts, and more! Grab yours today!

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KantCon 2017 will be held Friday, July 14th through Sunday, July 16th at the Overland Park Convention Center. We are starting to plan now for all the exciting games to offer you next year. If you would like to be involved in the conversation, contact us at, or use the Contact Us form on our website.

In the meantime, we’re going be at Midwest Gamefest ( starting today and through the weekend. Come hang out and roll some dice with us!

More details about badge pricing and when registration begins will come in January. Enjoy your holidays until then!

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Yay! They're finally bringing it back!

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Today is your last chance for online badge purchase!
We’re only two weeks away from convention, which is a very important day for four reasons!

First, it is the LAST day to Pre-Register for the convention! We will still have badges available at the door, but prices will go up, so if you’ve been procrastinating, your time is now!

Second, it is the LAST day for Event Submission! We know you’ve got a great game you’ve been meaning to run, and KantCon will have lots of great players eager to play! Check out the link below, and get your games in today!

Third, we are exactly ONE WEEK AWAY from the close of Event Registration. If you haven’t looked already, there is an amazing list of games already up on our Warhorn site, and it just keeps growing! A lot of events are filling up quickly, so be sure to check Warhorn often and grab a slot in the games you want to play! Event Registration will close next Friday, and time is running out.

Fourth, we are FOURTEEN DAYS from convention! I know everyone’s been waiting since the end of the convention last year, but now we’re only a half of a month away! Please feel free to reach out to us here or via the KantCon website if you have any questions as the convention gets closer! We can’t wait to see you all there!!!

KantCon Registration:

Event Submission:

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All kinds of gaming will be available at KantCon.  Come check it out this summer!
Not super into RPGs but still want get your game on? Never fear! KantCon has plenty of board game options for you to try out with your fellow convention-goers.
A game library will be available at the convention, and, like it sounds, you’ll be able to check-out all kinds of board games and try them out! We’ll have fun co-op games like XCOM, where you have to work with your fellow gamers to ward-off an alien invasion, or for those of you who prefer to reign victorious over your friends, we also have games like Pirate’s Cove, where you can finally end that ongoing debate over which of you would be the most successful pirate.
We hope you’ll take some time to play some board games with us, and consider donating some of your favorites as well! The game library visits different conventions in the area, and it’s more fun for everyone when there are more games to share! Be sure to check out the library at Planet Comicon in May, and of course, at KantCon in July! You can bring any donations to any of the conventions they attend give them to a library volunteer!

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Those of you who check the website regularly will have notices that Event Registration quietly started on time yesterday. Some of us were busy preparing our taxes and forgot to send out the announcement! But the time has come -- we have events, and you can sign up for them! Check out the ever-growing list of great games to choose from in Warnhorn:

Remember, that you must purchase your badge before you can register for events. Check the website and get your badge now, so that you can hop in on that great game before it fills up!!register/c31p

Also, this year we have a great selection of Buy-in-Games -- special events that provide you something ‘extra’ along with a unique and memorable experience. You will find these events listed in Warhorn and can purchase tickets for them on our website:!register/c31p

Finally, if there is a cool game you’re excited to play, feel free to run it yourself. Simply submit the details via the form on our website and get added to the list of great GMs!!event-submission/c3er

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This had me laughing out loud at my desk for quite a while.

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Peer pressure is a thing.... 
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They say all good things come to an end, and so has our Early Bird specials. You may not be able to get the packages with extra goodies, but you can still get a regular badge! Normal online pre-registration will be open until July 8th.

Now is the time to start submitting your events! Want to play that new game you recently acquired? Well, sign up to run it and invite all your friends! Simply fill out our Event Submission form and you’ll be guaranteed to play. You must have purchased a badge before you can submit an event.

In just a few weeks, after we have collected some events, we will open Warhorn for event registration. Keep watch for that announcement so you can get in on those special games you are most interested in playing! And remember, you’ll need to buy a badge before you can sign up for events, so be sure to get one soon!
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