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Miguel Morales
Nerd. Journalist. Poet. Activist. Migrant. Friend.
Nerd. Journalist. Poet. Activist. Migrant. Friend.

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Undocupoets: End Contest Discrimination!
Poets Launch Petition to End Citizenship & Residency Requirements in Contests "Too often, the submission guidelines read “Proof of US Citizenship” or “Legal Residents Only.” This small, but powerful, statement serves to exclude 11.7 million undocumented peo...

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My Ferguson Story
I didn't want to leave the house today. After last night's news of the failed   successful  non-indictment of Michael Brown's killer, I just didn't want to see people going about their lives. I didn't want to hear helpless sighs and patronizing conversation...

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#JCCC Alert/Suspicious weapon
Alerts issued by my college yesterday after reports of an armed assailant was spotted on campus: My poem from those alerts:

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his mother didn't need a man, now he doesn’t know how to be one
You say his mother didn’t need
a man and now he doesn’t know how
to be one all because he wears skinny
jeans and arches his eyebrows. You blame his white faggotry on his brown mother because a woman should only birth boy babies -- not raise them. Since his ...

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For Alexia on Her 27th Birthday
I’m going to tell you a secret, my darling girl, about how we became a family. Even before you were born you changed us. Your arrival renewed our damaged spirits. Nurturing our new love required selflessness. When we stumbled your faith in us set our footin...

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Today I'm 46 years old. My mom died when she was 47. This is the beginning of #TheLastYear . — Miguel M. Morales (@TrustMiguel) December 28, 2013 Yesterday after a rough visit, I decided to start a new writing project called The L...

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Two of my passions come together! I'm leading a session with the Latino Writers Collective at the AWP conference in Chicago. "Migrant Voices in the Latino Heartland: The Latino Writers Collective's Migrant Youth Writers Workshop"

We're also scheduling an off-site reading during the conference and I think I've been invited to participate in another off-site reading!
The conference is sold out and I'm nervous but excited!

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oh my ... grammar IS a big deal

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I've tried to keep this account free of JCCC posts. However I met a courageous young man while part of the JCCC student group, Latinos United Now and Always (LUNA). At the time we learned about Eduardo's need for a heart transplant, he was 14.

Well, Eduardo died last Friday at the age of 16.
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