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Frank Mullenger
Web Developer living in Christchurch, NZ
Web Developer living in Christchurch, NZ

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Awesome design rethink
Rethinking the Microsoft Brand

This is a fantastic brief from a design student on how to rethink the Microsoft brand. Microsoft should hire this guy to run its brand transformation! #TheNextMicrosoft

This is also fantastic as an example of how to narrate a design thought process. I'm so impressed!

P.S. In addition to taking this brand advice, Microsoft ought to take a leaf from Apple and get their new products into the hands of tech influencers who aren't already Microsoft users.  Apple did this so well when they first launched Mac OS X.  I got my first Macbook Pro as a gift from Apple, and they asked me for the names of a hundred open source developers they should give them to.  It was a great way to get visibility for what at the time (hard to imagine these days!) was a brand sorely in need of reinvigoration.

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Best quote I've heard in a while: "There are only 2 types of programming languages: the type that everybody complains about, the type that nobody uses".

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Man this new Google plus layout is waaaay more fun.
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