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Greater Calgary Real Estate

Market Pressure? Weekly/Monthly City of Calgary Real Estate Update for Single Family and Condominium (single family includes all detached and attached homes that are not condominium)

3961 Homes for Sale 
2018 Homes Sold in the last 30 days
1.96 Months Worth of Inventory
Slightly more than half of the inventory has sold in the last 30 days
Market conditions border a Seller’s market
Vacancy of Homes on the Market 21%+/-
Tenanted Homes on the Market: 13%+/-
Weekly Median List Price : $438,950
Weekly Median Sale Price : $426,250
Weekly Median Square Footage: 1337
Weekly Median Days on Market : 28
Weekly Median List to Sale Price Ratio : 98%
Calgary’s real estate market is bordering a Seller’s market. People moving into Calgary increased last year by over 19,000 and is still growing, that’s almost 1600 a month. That could create market pressure with families most likely looking for 500+ homes to live per month whether buying or renting. More people are staying in Calgary than leaving. Price your home accordingly and you should have no problem selling in this market.
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There is a new asian mall coming to Calgary called The New Horizon Mall. It will have 500 stores on the main and around 30 food court stores on the second. It will be located next to the Cross Iron Mills mall. The developers are comparing to the one they built in Toronto called The Pacific Mall. It is considered a tourist attraction and was built 20 years ago! Sales start this week by registration through any realtor in our company. Various square footage starting at $175,000 and looks like $20/sqft for condo fees. In Toronto The Pacific Mall is a tourist attraction, and this is exactly what they are wanting out of this mall. They are expecting a huge sell out. If you have any interest in a project such as this for investment and/or a retail spot, please get in touch with us asap!
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September’s Real Estate Market in Calgary, not bad at all!
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