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Anni Sennov
Spiritual Author and Clairvoyant Advisor
Spiritual Author and Clairvoyant Advisor


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Have Fun!

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"SPIRIT MATES - Hitta din soulmate 2.0 - din andedual och ultimata kärlekspartner"


On Saturday this amazing book about Spirit Mates love relationships that includes 10 fantastic real-life love stories, will be released in Sweden together with the Swedish translation of our five first Energy Self-Defense guides for Women; Men; Young Adults; Love Couples; and Sick People and Their Relatives.

Carsten and I look so much forward to meeting many of our Swedish friends at the big book release in Gävle, Sweden on Saturday, December 8 <3 <3 <3

You can read more about the book release here:


På lördag kommer den här fantastiska boken om Spirit Mates kärleksrelationer, som innehåller 10 fantastiska kärleksberättelser från verklige livet, att släppas i Sverige tillsammans med den svenska översättningen av våra fem första Energy Self-Defense böcker för kvinnor; män; unga vuxna; kärlekspar; och sjuka människor och deras anhöriga.

Carsten och jag ser så mycket fram emot att träffa många av våra svenska vänner på den stora bok-releasen i Gävle, Sverige den 8:e december <3 <3 <3

Du kan läsa mer om bok-releasen här:
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Detta är kanske den mest omtänksamma julklapp du kan ge till dina nära och kära ❤️🧡❤️

Våra 5 nya svenska energisjälvförsvars-böcker för kvinnor, män, unga vuxna, kärlekspar, samt sjuka och deras anhöriga kan nu köpas hos Adlibris med leverering 8 december:

Du kan också köpa signerade böcker från Balansbutiken i Gävle, om du beställer dem senast 7 december, dagen innan vår stora bok-release:

Bäst av allt är att böckerna är lätta att läsa, de kostar inte mycket, de är för alla, och de hjälper människor att bli mer medvetna om sin egen energi, vilket är första steg på vägen till att ta bättra hand om sin egen energi i vardagen.

Besök för mer information om de 5 nya svenska böckerna 💞😉💞



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I am so proud that we have now managed to publish several books from our new Energy Self-Defense series in English, Japanese, Estonian and soon also in Swedish 🌟✨🌟
Since 1995 I have written 30 books (8 of them together with my husband) that are published in 10 languages and more languages are on their way, and just a few years ago I didn’t have time to enjoy all our book releases, but today I celebrate them all either alone or with my family ❤️

Visit for more information.

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We have just created a "Spirit Mates" profile on Instagram. Follow us now: @spiritmates

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"You have all knowledge about the future in you,
so listen to your inner self and your inner personality
to get more information about yourself and your future."

In my August newsletter that was sent out last week, I wrote about this very important topic in connection with children and how you can guide your children to go in the right direction that matches their inner personality and not your wishes and ideals.

Sign up here if you want to receive my newsletter on a monthly basis and I will mail you my August newsletter in a couple of days:

In English:
In Danish:

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Join our new closed SPIRIT MATES group on Facebook and invite all your friends who want to know more about this amazing topic.

What is it that is so unique about your Spirit Mate that will allow you to completely open your heart to a “stranger” whom you just met?

What is it that causes two people to suddenly connect with each other deep in their hearts with no filter between them, so they are unable to ever separate their energies from each other again?

And how does it feel to live in a drama-free relationship?

These and many other interesting questions will be discussed in this group, where we will also share information about relevant books, websites, blogs, online courses, webinars, etc.

For more information about our books on the topic, please visit

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Watch this amazing video with feedback from course clients and newly trained Aura Mediators in the UK ❤️💛❤️


Hear unique feedback from course clients and Aura Mediators who performed the AuraTransformations and Balancing sessions on the course clients at the Aura Mediator Course in Exeter, UK held by Finnish Aura Mediator Instructor™ Johanna Saari and our new instructor in the UK, Sarah Jennings, in May 2018.

For more information about AuraTransformation™ and the Aura Mediator Courses™ held in UK, please visit
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