Morning, Are you having a lazy relaxing Sunday or an active Sunday?

Did you know that every single one of us has access to healing energy, it's not simply those people in the world who channel healing we all have access to the same energy. I liken it to a water tap, some of us had it turned on and some may have not used it for a long time so the tap has gotten a bit rusty.

Today I am off to do a full day honing my healing hands skills on a day of intuitive healing where I will supported in developing my intuition more in this area.

All you need to channel healing to yourself and others is the intention to heal. If you rub your hands together and pulled them apart slowly and move them together slowly (palms inward) you will feel that energy. If you have tummy ache, place your hands on your tummy and connect with your own healing energy.

There are many books on the market to learn all about healing or you can go see someone and be attuned to modes of healing like Reiki but there are lots of simple ways to do this without getting training.

Have a great day whatever you are doing x

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