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travel writer, author, magazine editor, consultant
travel writer, author, magazine editor, consultant

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Post #38: George Washington's Birthday and Book Publishers
February 19, 2016 Don’t-Forget-WWI-Project: George
Washington’s birthday – To foreigners 100 years ago, it led to an act of defiance
against a prison state. During
the harsh German occupation of Belgium during WWI, all acts and events reflecting

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Post #37: Slave Raids and My Grandfather
Don’t-Forget-WWI-Project: While
many people know about the horrors of World War I’s trench warfare on the
Western Front 100 years ago, most people do NOT know about the horrors endured
by Belgian and Northern French civilians trapped behind German lines. So...

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Post #36: The Bloody Somme, the 1916 Belgian Harvest, and an NEH Rejection
August 14, 2016 Don’t-Forget-WWI-Project: Many
know that in August 1916 World War One’s bloody Battle of the Somme had just
started. It would last until November and have a mind-bogglilng 1.5 million
causalities. But most don’t know that at the same...

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Post #35: Poison Gas vs. Food Relief
Friday, April 15, 2016 Don’t-Forget-WWI Project: One hundred and one years ago, from April 22
until May 25, the Second Battle of Ypres reminded the world of the horrors of
trench warfare. The 35 days of fighting saw the first use of poison gas on the

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Post #34: Rhodes scholars Head into German-occupied Belgium
Sunday, Dec. 6, 2015 D on’t-Forget-WWI
Project: During World War One, exactly 101 years ago today, on
Sunday, Dec. 6, 1914, 10 young American students on Christmas break from Oxford
University were in Rotterdam preparing for the adventure of a lifetime. 191...

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Post #33: Understanding 1914 Belgium, and Searching the Past in Present Day Antwerp
Friday, October 2, 2015   The Don’t-Forget-WWI Project: An
excerpt from page 99 of my nonfiction book, Behind the Lines ,   "We Shall Never Forgive!”   As
September [1914] came to a close, Max [the mayor of Brussels] was not the on...

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Post #32: This Coming Sunday, Reflect on Another Sunday 101 Years Ago
Friday, August 21, 2015 THIS DAY IN WWI HISTORY (Sunday, Aug. 23, 1914): An excerpt from my nonfiction book, Behind
the Lines ,   Dinant—“The Town Is Gone ” Dinant excerpt page 20. A few days later, it was Dinant’s turn. A town of m...

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Post #31: Another Tuesday 101 Years Ago Was Very Different for the World
August 4, 2015  THIS
DAY IN WWI HISTORY:   An excerpt from my WWI nonfiction book, Behind the Lines , .    German uhlan (lance-carrying cavalry) On that first day of the invasion, Tuesday,
August 4, it was a hot and surpri...

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Post #30: Belgian Refugees and a Leap of Faith
July 25, 2015  An excerpt from Behind the Lines , chapter 14, “The Refugees”: Refugees fleeing Antwerp, Oct. 1914. (Public domain) For days they simply walked. Bundles in hand,
cold, exhausted, frightened. Pushing carts, leading children, helping the

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Post #29: "Panic in Some of The Wards"
May 21,
2015 An excerpt from Behind the Lines , chapter 12, “The
Fall of Antwerp”: For
the Bunges, on the morning of October 7, 1914, as the shells “continued to rain
into the city, whistling over our heads, and filling the air with the roar of
frightful ex...
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