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Solutions driven by detail.
Solutions driven by detail.

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Hello friends, followers and bots!
I've been quiet lately so here's an update.

After a brief flurry of re-posting political news I decided that I should actually get out of the house to see where I could help out with local Democratic politics.

I joined the Virginia Beach Democratic Committee and sent an email to the Chair letting him know I could help out and mentioned I have some tech skills. Now I'm the Technology Chair... which has basically been my full-time job ever since.

Word to the wise, if you volunteer for a small organization and mention you are good with tech... you may find yourself being voted into a role so hold those cards close to your chest if your time is limited. ;)

After reviewing their communication and collaboration I proposed using GSuite to bring everyone together and have been provisioning services to support staff, members and volunteers.

As many of you know, I've been an avid (rabid) proponent of Google Apps for some time and in the past have shared many different ways you can use apps like "Lego Building Blocks" to create solutions that improve workflow, collaboration and to automate services.

Over the last month, in preparation for upcoming Primary and General Elections in Virginia I've been running 12 hours a day building services that include just about everything I've shared with you folks over the last 5 years.

Honestly, it's been a bit rough on the VBDC folks. When I proposed setting up a +G Suite domain account they probably just thought I'd be setting up their ".org" email, managing +MailChimp mailings and web posts.

They unleashed the Kraken. Now they have an "IT infrastructure".

To make life (a little) easier for them I've been hosting two weekly technology workshops at the +TCC / Virginia Beach Joint-Use Library. In these workshops I help them learn how their shiny new Google Apps user accounts work, and set them up on our Slack team.

Some of you may recall I used to host regular Google Hangout On Air livestreams. It's been a bit of an adjustment having people in a room with me. I have to wear pants all of the time now.

A major step forward is a new member/volunteer management system built using Google Sheets and Forms. Information from membership, volunteer, and contact forms feed into their respective response spreadsheets which are connected via IMPORTRANGE to what I'm calling "dashboard spreadsheets".

This gives all staff real time updates on new members and volunteers. On one dashboard we enter precinct/district from the Voter Access Network (VAN) database so information on available volunteers flows instantly to the Legislative District Vice Chairs managing operations in those districts.

In Virginia, we're gearing up for the General Election on November 7th. We have a lot of Democratic Candidates running for House Delegates and we are working to Make Virginia Beach Blue Again.

Virginia Beach is the largest city (by population) in Virginia so our tiny organization has some big challenges ahead. Improving communication with our members and finding local volunteers to support grassroots efforts is critical to our success in the state of Virginia and here in Virginia Beach.

If you have any friends in Virginia Beach that are willing to help out, please share this post with them. Links to the Membership and Volunteer applications are included in the attached email link. You can also subscribe if you would like to keep up with what's going on in here in Virginia Beach. Thanks!

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Find your house district and volunteer. #virginiabeach

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