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Mahala Urra
Illustrator, writer, book eater
Illustrator, writer, book eater


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more drive by
I've continued to do the drive by drawing off and on over the years, although I haven't been posting. I ride the bus a lot less often these days; I miss it.

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Doing some italic practice with dip pens and Diamine inks, using forms by Gaye Godfrey-Nicholls . Quote from One Week One Band . My favourite poem, known as the Maboroshi poem , by Murasaki Shikibu. Translation by Liza Dalby, from her book The Tale of Muras...

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Fashion illustration: the Moretta
Got an idea for fashion illustrations revolving around the Moretta , or 'mute servant' mask: a Venetian ladies' mask held on by gripping a button between the teeth, rendering the wearer silent. The Moretta was also said to embody the Renaissance ideal of fe...

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small pleasures
Taking a break from digital watercolour to post some small things I've been doing in traditional watercolour as loosening-up exercises. The School of Life recently released a little card pack called Small Pleasures, and I've been painting my favourites. 1. ...

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learning and sketching
I've been working on my facility with digital art lately. I may be most comfortable with creating work on paper and then painting it digitally, as I'm doing for a current project: Watercolour brushes and techniques from Kyle T Webster ! My Bamboo tablet and...

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inktober review
The Inktober Initiative was created by artist and illustrator Jake Parker in 2009 and became a massive worldwide art event, much like NaNoWriMo is for writers. I joined in the last 2 years; my first year was a huge failure but this year I managed to get som...

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Copic markers
Back in my all-anime-all-the-time days I painstakingly built up a collection of Japanese Copic alcohol markers over years, and taught myself how to use them. This year I am relearning how to do manga style for a project, so it seemed appropriate to go back ...

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collage: books and cybernetics
Two quick things I knocked together. Sometimes you just run across something that makes you want to cut it out and keep it: one was a picture of piles and piles of new books and another was a few lines of text that were just too weird to forget. Both collag...

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Esther Quek is my fucking hero.
Esther Quek . Quote from here .

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messing about
Some more collage work to wind down from current projects. After hours of meticulous drawing it's good to pick up scissors and paste and slap together a few compositions. Stamps, Neocolor crayon, washi tape, tea and magazine clipping. Cotman watercolour, wh...
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