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Edinburgh Castle. In the foreground the preparations are taking place for the Military Tattoo. Such is my photography prowess that this was about the only servicable photo from our trip to Edinburgh. And this one aint much good.

I'm normally pretty indifferent when it comes to Apple. I own some Apple stuff, but I don't worship at the Church of Jobs.

That said, the patent system and attached lawsuit culture is totally out of hand and Apple are currently among the worst proponents.

Yes, protect your business and IP interests, but are you this afraid of competing in a fair and unimpeded market that you sue on the basis of spurious patents that you have no ethical right to pursue? It is purely because you are protected by archaic patent law, and while companies continue to lobby US Congress to perpetuate this system, the consumer is ultimately the biggest loser.

Now, how do I climb down from this soapbox?
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