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Hey, guys. So, this is the person who uploaded the video-now, because of the Notifications, I can see anytime you guys comment. I love that you're expressing your opinions on the music, even if you don't like it-that's great! You aren't a bad person for preferring a different pair of singers for this song, so, don't let anyone make you feel that way.

However, what I /don't/ appreciate is people giving people shit in the comments about expressing their opinion. Everyone feels differently and that's not a bad thing. Very few comments I've seen are outright insulting the music or the singers and I've yet to see anyone come close to calling it a piece of shit. So, I /don't/ want to see fights in the comments of my video, especially because I have to see it when it appears in my notifications.

Be nice to one another, guys. You're free to express their opinion, but so are they, even if it's different from yours, and if you act like assholes to one another, I'll disable comments so you can't. I don't care if "this is the internet"-if you can't handle people with different opinions online, God knows you wont be able to when you are confronted with it in person. That's all I have to say on the matter. Behave yourselves and act mature, or the comments are off.
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