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Gotta love audio books. Out now!

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A Home in Your Heart: New Time Travel Romance by Bess McBride
I'm so pleased to announce the release of my newest time travel romance, A Home in Your Heart ! Sometimes, I have to slog through a book, fighting for every word and line, and sometimes the book just flows. This one flowed! Inspired by my four-month stay on...

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Time Travel Romances: Does Era Really Matter? Location?
Does era really matter to lovers of time travel romances? I can only speak from my experience. I love time travel romances. Although I read A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court in high school and enjoyed it, the first time travel romance I remember f...

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Music To Write By (Or How I Am Writing My Cavalry Time Travel Romance With The Help of John Barry)
Music to write by. Music for inspiration. Let's face it. Writing can be a dry business. Sure, there are moments of exhilaration when the scene is flying, especially if it's an action scene. There are moments of grief when your loving couple are hateful to e...

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I Love Time Travel Romances!
There, I said it! I love time travel romances, and that's why I write them. Now, don't get me wrong. If my time travel romances didn't sell reasonably well (dare I say, occasionally very well?), then I'd probably lose steam on writing them, and would move o...

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Caving into You: A Celebration of Southeastern Arizona, Land of Legends and Sunsets
Caving into You, my recent historical time travel release, is set in Tombstone, Arizona, in 1881, and is a celebration of my time in southeastern Arizona.  Can two lovers from different centuries find a way to live
together? Do they choose the past or the f...

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Caving into You! My New Time Travel Romance Set in the Old West!
It's here! My new time travel romance Caving into You   is available now on Amazon and Nook , and will be coming soon to Kobo and iTunes. Caving into You   is Book One of my new Love in the Old West  series, which is inspired by my recent stay in Southeaste...

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Questions, Wind, Sunsets, Moonrises and Wind
The wind is howling today, my dears, just howling. Some screaming and shrieking as well. Both by the wind and by me as I worry about certain parts of my RV. For those of you in the RV know, my slide awning has taken a battering today. Wind gusts of up to 36...

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Traveling for Romance
Forgive me for being absent, dear ones, but you see I've been traveling...for romance, for the romance of traveling, for the romance of writing. I left my home in Washington State on 31 December in an RV and embarked on a journey to Arizona for the winter. ...

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Finding You in Time is featured on USA Today's Happily Ever After and the Tucson Citizen. Which is such a coincidence because I just now happen to be wintering an hour south of Tucson... :-)
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