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Un haiku pentru iubitoarele de cafea (dedicat soţiei mele)
"Cafea cu boare De zori cu rouă, Suavă lumină."

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For a metallic morning at work :D

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Even if I don't own a 3D printer of any sort (yet), I was lurking around a few communities and felt inspired.
From now on I will avoid using any MakerBot related resources, including Thingiverse... It's a real shame.
Makerbot is now not only spitting on its open source roots, it's now trying to completely destroy them.
"While this is not Makerbot's first instance of betrayal of the open source hardware community that it hailed from, this is probably the first concrete instance of Makerbot trying to patent improvements that originated from the community."

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Such difference. Much fun. Many tips. Wow! :D
The difference between Dogecoins and Bitcoins
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Dogecoin, NASCAR, DogeCar!
Community power: it took around $50000 to sponsor this team just for this race, and it was all done with... a previously obscure crypto-currency community.
Josh Wise at Talladega 2014 - Racing the Dogecar!

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Dogecoin on NASCAR :D
Now it is proposed to crowd fund the resurrection of a satellite...

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Well... give the physicist a good body armour and a good helmet...
But this is what I want at my funeral.

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Nice writing.
Google Plus Ghost Town? My Open Letter to The Misguided Reporters

Know what the common theme is between all these “ghost town posts”? No interviews. No named sources. Lots of reporters who never used it. A quick search usually shows that the reporter has not used Google+ themselves. Likely to not even post the article they just wrote about the platform. In fact most have less than 20 people circled and more often than not... have never even posted. Awesome. Good Reporters generally go out and interview people who are involved with something before they write a story, if they themselves don’t have first hand experience. This is fringe opinion piece media. Yet tons of these garbage articles keep getting posted on major tech publications presenting like its the facts.

I figured it was time I wrote a letter to these reporters. Please media… realize that I have tried to reach out and talk to many of you, do interviews, and help you get these points, but too many times you tell me “your company doesn’t care about writing about the positive sides of Google+” or that “other stories are more important than G+ success”. Yet whenever anything could possibly be seen as negative about G+, all of your websites light up with a million ghost town posts. It’s time the users of G+ spoke out…  I’ll start. Here are my thoughts for you.

Dear Reporters Who Can’t Be Bothered To Learn About Google+ Before Writing Your Ridiculous Articles About It;

I know this is going to be hard for some of you. You have been a good tech writer, involved in social media probably for awhile, and spent time building up your Facebook account and Twitter profile. When Google+ came along, many of your company Tech websites had already done things like integrate Facebook comments or sometimes heck, even invest in Facebook themselves! You certainly didn’t have time to get involved in another social network, and come on.. “Google has never got social”. Your mom isn’t there. Google+ is obviously a ghost town.  Right?


Read the whole thing here:

And please share this one Far and wide, on every social network you have. Yeah. I'm asking.

#MyGooglePlusStory #GooglePlus   #VicGundotra   #socialmedia  

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And yet again... a place to live and die in.

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Those cab drivers that consider themselves "professionals"...@$$h0l3$
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