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This week I touch upon a sensitive topic of mental health issues that affect so many of us.

Hear about the statistics and discover the latest natural medicine recommendations on how to go about recovering form mental health disorders such as depression, naturally.

In this week's nutritional tip you will learn 7 proven and effective strategies to defeat depression.

Compliment your standard treatment with these latest nutritional findings for better results.

Visit my website for references on the subject and more information.

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Welcome to Everyday Holistic Nutrition

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Fertility complications are increasing in Australia and around the world.
Generally, in western countries, we are having kids later and later and infertility is becoming an increasing problem for many.
Find out how you can improve your fertility naturally via nutritional support and lifestyle changes in this week's nutritional tip.

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Learn more about weight loss and metabolic dysfunction. This week I am expanding on the topic giving you more in depth understanding of how to tackle your weight loss journey properly.
Stay in tune as in next couple of weeks I will be giving you more in detail information on the subject together with launch of a weight loss e-course, that will guid you steep by steep through your weight loss journey and provide you with dietary protocol and recipes optimised for weight loss .

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For all those who suffer from indigestion, bloating or reflux, this is a video for you! You will find out how to increase stomach acidity naturally.

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Try this gut friendly salad that will satisfy your gourmet taste buds ... but most importantly; it will satisfy your mother-in-law ! ;-)

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Try this easy to digest and pleasing to your taste buds mushroom soup recipe.

This recipe is ideal for those who undergo digestive system healing protocol and look for ways to make your bone broth taste more exciting!

For more gut friendly recipes, or to book one on one consultation with me; go to my website at, or visit Trupp Cooking School​ blog at

If you found this information useful, please don't hesitate sharing it with your friends :-)

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Happy New Year Everyone !

I hope you had a good start to 2017 :-)
Today I would like to share with you a healthy salad recipe that is delicious and easy to digest.


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