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David and Eowyn Stoddard
I live In Berlin, Germany with my husband and 5 children
I live In Berlin, Germany with my husband and 5 children

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Leading like Jesus
I know! This title sounds almost blasphemous! But
honestly, I sometimes feel like we are getting more and
more of our leadership paradigms from a business world and model than from
Jesus whom we proclaim. Our reality, as missionaries, is that we are called ...

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Christ Will Build His Church~ Guest Post by David Stoddard
Europe is the new “dark continent.” Africa now sends more
missionaries to Europe than Europe sends to Africa. The health reports
of the European church aren’t terribly encouraging. Churches are closing
and are being converted into mosques, museums, bars,...

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Empty Grave Clothes~Guest Post by Peter Jones
As you can imagine, I have thought long and hard about Easter,
since it is a central element of my faith. Indeed the Apostle Paul says that if
the resurrection did not occur, we have all believed in vain. In May, Rebecca
and I will be making a long-awaited ...

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Cellulite of the Soul
  Yesterday’s exercise
class was packed with young women, most of them in their early twenties,
including the instructor. I should have known better. The pace of the class matched
its name, “fat burner,” and I struggled to remain energetic for an hour,

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A New Chance for Germany?
A Church for Others ? On Wednesday, February 3, 2016, I witnessed over 160 church leaders met
at the Matthäus Church in Frankfurt, Germany to discuss the new challenge
facing the German church. Over one million refugees have streamed into Germany.
With a po...

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Some Musings on the Circumcision of Christ
him also you were circumcised with a circumcision made without hands, by
putting off the body of the flesh, by the circumcision of Christ (Col 2:11) In Colossians 2,11 there is an interesting phrase, “the circumcision of
Christ.” The question arises: Is ...

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Evangelium 21 Conference
I am going to this conference in March! The topic is Taking God at his Word Are you a Christian that believes that Bible is our only rule for life and practice? Or are you just curious about the Bible and what it has to say about itself? This is a free conf...

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Guest Post by Rebecca Jones~Noisy Quiet Times
My sister, brother and I This article by Rebecca Jones was first published in Presbyterian Church in America’s Messenger, May 1991. I remember reading it but I was only 19 years old then. Now, with 5 kids of my own, I can actually relate. This brought tears...

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Is the church ready for a post-abortion world?
  My neighbor, a foreigner to Germany, my friend and prayer
partner came to me one day, hesitantly excited about her new pregnancy. She had
another child, a 5 year old boy, and a husband who was a friendly neighbor but
not a Christian. She was hesitant beca...

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Is Rachel Dolezal a new Caitlyn Jenner?
Rachel Dolezal is all the buzz
today…She is a civil rights activist and
a professor of Africana studies at Eastern Washington University, as well as a
chair of the office of the police ombudsman commission in the city of Spokane
and president of its chapter...
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